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Turns out that it was working, but character styles were overriding paragraph styles. :( FWIW, joojaa is right that the < and > don't need to be escaped, and his regex is probably a lot more robust.


Its not a good idea to parse HTML with regular expressions (GREP). ;( Why are you esscaping the < and > chars? they should have no specific meaning in regular expressions. Try <(.*?)> or even better <([^<>]*)>. But that matches the entire thing tough it has a matching group, you can use it to replace, but it does not alter the ...


I don't know how the screenshot service that you linked to works, but it probably uses a headless browser like PhantomJS to render the page and then to capture a screen shot. PhantomJS uses WebKit, the rendering engine that is used by Safari and the basis of the Chrome rendering engine. Your site uses parallax scrolling which might make this task difficult. ...


To answer your boiled down question, while often times this isn't needed—or in fact will take more design/development time—but in your example case there can simply be a narrow crop of the image (with retina @2x versions too) for the mobile layout. That's the beauty of CSS media-queries, that you can include specific versions of the image a wider range of ...


The dimensions are variable. User Joojaa is correct when they say that "You can no way know what size or shape the recipients screen is going to be." You cannot set any explicit value in your CSS, because if you want to consistently support all browsers, you have no way of knowing what size it's going to be. I'm going to give you one method, using just ...


What do you mean by "it does not scroll vertically"? That you do not want it to scroll vertically, or that for some reason it is "fixed"? There is no such thing as guidelines for web page withs and heights anymore. As user2725502 and Joojaa points out: the massive variety of devices makes this wildly impractical if not directly impossible to do sensibly. ...


These days webdesignerd tend to use responsive values. So make it responsive by using %. Although this makes using images tricky

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