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As promised: One idea is to use a bag with a checkmark on it. This conveys both the 'buy' context and the 'OK' message. For use online you could even use an SVG, or a combined Icon Font icon. Example:


I mean from a UX standpoint I'd rather just not see the Product at all unless I enter some section for "Already Purchased." Or have it "grayed out" in some fashion. However for icon as requested I think just about any shopping element with a checkmark is appropriate. Not sure if this is only on Lollipop or all Android phones but here's what my Google Play ...


In my opinion. Forget the option 1. It is for toddlers. I thought Junior as a son that have the same name as the father. Posible terms, kid, minor, child, under 15... For the icon, probably a head with a cap. I think that is representative of that range of age. (And maybe not pointing forward, but lateral or backwards) ...


How about the concept of dim the product and make the opacity about 50% in this way you will give the user the feeling of lost or something not exist in this way you can then mark it with small indicator (icon) that when the user hover over it display already purchased or you can make the border of the layout red or a shade of red :) i hope this will ...


I was thinking you write out the words "Purchased" or "Already Purchased". You could design a graphic or just use CSS to make the design. Example: https://jsfiddle.net/cnhkagp4/ You could make the purchased tag themed to the layout of the site.


A gold coin with a green tick (possibly rotating)? Unlike dollar signs or other currency symbols, gold coins aren't confined to just the Mushroom Kingdom, they have been used almost everywhere at some point in time.


torn receipt icon check mark with a dollar sign next to it the word purchased itself (as has been proposed before by AndrewH)


Blue Ribbon filling up characters so I can post

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