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Your arrow concept and what you plan to use it for seem appropriate. And from what I can see, I guess you don't have much room for icons anyway. Maybe what could help you is simply to use thicker and curved arrows to hide that effect you don't like. Below is a quick example: You might need to adjust the arrows to your preference and clarity when at small ...


In short, there's no inherent reason you should have a problem dragging/dropping one AI file into another AI file. However, the nature of the artwork may play some role if you then want to edit the dropped art. The longer answer . . . When you drag an Illustrator file (from the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer) and drop it into a new, open, Illustrator file ...


The share icon would be the most common uses. If you have questions like this try typing social icon on sites like Dribbble and see what the results are.

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