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If you want the icons to stay as uniform as possible, I'd suggest sticking with the same shape language throughout. The idea here is that using the same shape unifies this icon set and makes it immediately understandable.


Borrow Arrow pointing to a hand Have an arrow pointing to a hand, this idea is you getting something. Have I think using a green checkmark would work well for this. I think the idea of checking something off your list with a checkmark is pretty common. To show that you don't have something, you could even have a grayed out checkmark.


You'll first want to use the Offset Path command, to offset your arrow by 2px (or whatever value you so please): Giving you a second instance of your shape, at the newly specified size: Then, you can place your new, wider, arrow into a group above your rings. Open the Transparency Window (Window > Transparency) and adjust the wide arrow's opacity to ...


The purpose of an icon is to be a visual symbol that is used as a mnemonic device to denote a complicated object in a simplified way, so avoid unnecessary details in the icon as they can be distracting. It would be better to use just one object in the first icon instead of two objects. The second, third and fifth icons have unnecessary small detailed ...


Create your images at the size they are going to be displayed. This prevents any unwanted resampling and anti-aliasing, which as you have seen can vary between device/browser etc. You can use this line of CSS to improve the quality of resized images in IE, but don't rely on it, it doesn't always seem to work: img { -ms-interpolation-mode: bicubic; } I ...


The subtraction of the inner circle can be reset, giving this result: (Btw, this only works after removing the circle from the group, or else Sketch just subtracts two circles from the rectangle at a different spot) As you can see, it kinda works, but there is a whole part of the inside of the circle again that is flowing outside of the boundaries of the ...

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