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No, unless the work is for a scientific or technical publication. In that case, it would be accompanied by explanatory text, which a usual design would not. Since we're not going to be around to explain the weird shape you put in your design ("No, really. It's a raindrop!") to everyone who sees the finished piece, designers stick with what is recognized, not ...


This is an issue with the server on which this image is stored. The server is incorrectly telling your browser that it is sending text, so the browser interprets the file as text. Simply save the file using the "Save Page" option, and then open it in the browser from your local disk. You can also use an SVG viewer of editor instead of the web browser.


No, this is not possible. You aren't the first to suggest this, but it isn't being worked on at the moment: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=622625


It looks like a huge, complex list, but there’s really only 5 sizes you need to build: 29pt 49pt 60pt 76pt 1024px The first four sizes (listed in points) need 1×, 2× and 3× versions (if you’re being future proof, as well as covering the iPhone 6 Plus). Some of the sizes you’ll see listed on the net and on Apple’s site are for iOS 6 and below (57×57 ...


According to the developer pages (http://developer.android.com/design/building-blocks/buttons.html): Both an icon and text is most appropriate when they complement each other: each carrying its own bit of information, but together making a larger whole. This may be the contributing factor in the design guide where no such example is present


Any method that uses bitmap based scaling is going to generally look terrible for vector shape-based designs, especially for small glyphs. The good news is that Android really only requires 2×, 3× and 4× assets these days (maybe 1.5×, if you want to target older devices. iOS is similar, requiring 1× (iPad Mini and older devices), 2× and 3× (iPhone 6 Plus). ...

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