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Not sure that the Hexagon in the BG is of much help and it might be just ruining the effort that u have put in. How about removing the BG Hexagon and just the three circles that can now be increased in size and used in the center of the circle. That would look way better. I am just attaching an image that is more close to what I am saying and that way it ...


I have a different take on the subject. The logo should communicate something about the product, not the product's name (I am giggling at the thought of a Microsoft logo of an itty bitty pillow). The product is a speech synthesis program. I get that tritium is a chemistry based word and I like the sound of it, but speech synthesis has nothing to do with ...


Keep it simple, don't try to incorporate all the concepts that come to your mind in one logo. Focus on one idea. The less elements, the better (as a bonus your logo will be more easily recognizable and better reproduced at smaller sizes) . Also I don't think trying to please everyone will work; do what is the best for the logo design, you can't win ...


The word Ā«TRITIUMĀ» is so cool. No need for an aditional Graphicmark. Focus on superprecise typography instead (like in the website mockup).


Mi opinion: Use the atom as a secondary asset only. Your last sample, the website with the type alone, is great. The colors are interesting, the word and its shape as well. The straight lines work, especially if you try for example with the atom in the background -see image below-. I see it and sort of get more both the speech ('soft') and engine ...


I'm thinking keep it simple, and concentrate on the typography. Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen with 3 nucleons. So maybe use two of the nucleons for the 'i's' and one 'floater': As Tritium is radioactive it decays, and so does the typography. Loose quick sketch but you get the idea. Logo should work at most sizes, with spacing adjustment ...


Okay others have good points, I would like to add a new one. The logo is size challenged in that the details are a bit too small. This may be a problem if you need to: work in small scales such as 24 x 24 pixel icons (or even smaller) Print a business card sized medium, you would now need the ring to be quite big for the dots to be visible. I think the ...


It's interesting, but (I assume) It's really the three dots that is the tie into 'TRItium'. As such, I'd consider dumping both the circle and the hexagon. They seem superfluous to the concept. They are nice, but (and this is just my opinion) in the world of software, those tend to give off a bit of a video game vibe--which may or may not be your objective. ...


I agree with 200_success about ditching the hexagon because it adds no value...and am also unsure how Tritium relates to a speech-synthesis engine as Scott points out. However, I like the atom graphic (which I think is clean & simple but interesting, particularly with the bit of incongruity that the electron adds); and I will assume for the moment that ...


I see it as a cube. I don't have photoshop with me but add a drop shadow then trim to give the effect that it's a black cube with the atom inside. Cube = building block; has to do with your app.


I suggest ditching the hexagon, as it adds no value. If anything, it's confusing. In chemistry, the first thought that comes to mind when I see a hexagon is "benzene ring". That's not what you wanted to draw, right? The alternate version of the hexagon, with oddly aligned edges, is completely disconcerting to me.


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