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The greek god Hermes is my first thought, he was the messenger between the gods. But the only thing I can find vaguely relevant would be this:


The first thing that pops into my head would be FTD:


Assuming the logo itself is not up for discussion, I will say yes, you can use the r on its own. I think example #3 is the best one. 1 gets a little convoluted. 2 is rather boring and generic. I would also like to point out that 2 and 3 have "Lift" higher up and that works well. Lift - float - ascend etc., it emphasises the balloons (presumably) ...


You don't typically license a logo at all--as a logo is meant to represent a single entity. However, within the license of the software itself, you may want to add clauses about how the logo can be used (or not used) by others.


I think there are tasteful ways to do so, especially if the "R" is the first letter of the company name. But even if it's not, I can imagine scenarios where using it as a secondary design element would work. You could even use the outline of the "R" as negative space, something like this:

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