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Sorry for gravedigging, but this is more related to vector watercolor styles. You can create this watercolor style effect in Illustrator using different transparencies of color. Here is a great tutorial to get you started. this tutorial has a lot of depth, but it would be rather simple to bring it back to be a little more minimalistic. Hope this helps!


I think the tool used is interdisciplinary effort, commonly known as Team Work. If an ilustration is made to ilustrate, probably it is made by an ilustrator using a program made for ilustrations; Corel Draw, Ilustrator, Inkscape, Draw Plus. You have the engenner, teacher or whatever making a base diagram and an ilustrator making ilustrations. It is a pice ...


They are most likely drawn by a human on a computer. Manually, with some definition of manual. It always strikes me a bit weird how people this day and age can not draw simple line drawings themselves. So to begin to answer this question I would ask you how long would it take for you to draw the following image with a pencil and paper? Image 1: How long ...


These are vector illustrations, most likely created using Adobe Illustrator and finished off in Adobe Photoshop. By the look of it the illustrator has used a Wacom pen tablet and a number of vector art brushes to create a soft, painterly effect. These illustrations work because of the subtle, clever use of colour and transparency effects. That, and the ...


Search for Photoshop layer blend modes. This image seems to have several layers with shapes and letters, their blend modes might have been changed as well as their layer opacity.


Pop Art, with some cartoony approach perhaps. I am not really sure.


They look kind of surrealist. I would say the best technique to achieve something like this would be Illustrator for the shapes and Photoshop for the texture and colours because they definitely have a soft grungy quality to them but the lines are clean.

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