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I see it slightly different than @Ryan's answer (but not necessarily more accurate :) ). Since the squares maintain the same vertical height and simply arch left or right, the circles should as well. Using illustrator and applying the same left and right arch (via Object > Envelope Distort > Make with Warp) to the outer circles yields this:


Well going off your example: The left most side leads when going left while the right most side drags while going left. So the same should be true for a circular shape, if you want to use the same effect. And of course the opposite for the other direction: Can of course extend more or less based on your taste. Have fun with it.


Absolutely! Whether or not it should is a different topic, but just look at the battle between 'flat' design and the skeuomorphic designs of the early 00s. http://www.flatvsrealism.com/ We're actually living in a fascinating time for this topic, as the 'flat' design trend is becoming so overwhelming that we're seeing brands that haven't updated their style ...


Most all identities evolve over time. There should be some shared DNA, but trends and styles come and go and brand identities tend to follow along.


I understand that you drew something with just separate lines and now you're looking for a way to efficiently turn that mess of lines into clean filled closed shapes? If so, then you can select all of your lines that you want to convert then click on them using the Live Paint Bucket tool (keyboard shortcut 'K'). Now start painting inside the lines with any ...


Use a web-suitable palette and that will help with the dithering at the boundaries

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