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This tutorial from Smashing Magazine seems relevant: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2013/07/illustrated-maps-in-era-of-google-earth/


All the drawing techniques you have described are all hand-created. Although one could argue they are all graveur- engraved- they all have different media and methods of accomplishing the art. The archetypal "engraved" image as you might see in 19th-century books and high-quality prints is called scratchboard, sometimes called "scrapeboard". You would be ...


The iPad Pro is a closed system that hasn't really been tested by professionals in any sort of wide array. Any use of the iPad Pro is kind of experimental at this point. If it's still around in 3 years, then it may be a worthy competitor to the Cintq, but today... I'd only invest in the iPad Pro if I could afford to not use it after purchasing it. ...


There are a lot of things you're asking for and you'll be unable to get all of them. But most are totes possible, if you're willing to sacrifice certain parts of your workflow to using a desktop. I agree that trying them out is a good idea. I'm personally waiting since the tablet race is on! Everyone has their custom pen now. But what really matters is ...

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