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Here is a good graphic novel software: Manga Studio Clip Studio Paint I think Clip studio paint is the advertisement you saw


I would probably not even bother closing the lines, just make a layer behind the lines then use the brush or blob brush to block in areas of solid colour. You can then use Warp / Smooth to get them under control rather than messing with individual points. Closing paths is a pain, so avoid it if you can.


Ideally if the sketch can be done at 100% RGB of the device screen (roughly) Take note when you shrink and image the lines become more finer and detail gets dropped off. What the sketch is drawn on does not matter so much depending upon the line quality needed. If the paper is fine then the drawing will have sharper lines as compared to a textured paper ...


Well, you do not need that much high resolution. A. The scale, depending on what you want. If you need presicion on the proportions, it is better to draw at a larger scale. If you want a lot of detail, larger scale. If you want the texture of the technique (paper, stroke) you can draw at smaller scale. A natural look, draw at the final scale. If it is a ...


You can try Adobe Illustrator! Its amazing tools to draw sketch and illustrate.


1. Create a new layer above your artwork. 2. Create a shape over the whole artboard (or the area you want the texture applied to). 3. Apply your Grain (Effects → Texture → Grain). 4. With your textured shape selected, open the transparency palette (Window → Transparency) and change the blending mode. Different blending modes will have different ...

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