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There are actually many ways to accomplish rounded shapes.... You can draw circles at ends of rectangles and use Pathfinder or the Shape Builder Tool. You can use Effect > Stylize > Round Corners You can use VectorScribe from Astute Graphics (third party $$ plug in -- See note below). You can use thick strokes with round end caps. And then, of ...


The small trick with Pen Tool is to use it with Shift. This is related to the question as-is. There are a lot of ways to make the shapes you mentioned. You place the Point in every place where the curve changes its direction. When you press Shift you get straight lines and dragging the handles will create nice round curves - as on this 1 minute picture.


This can be done, semi manually, with reasonable effort. In illustrator do this: Take the image you want to make mosaic of and run Object → Object Mosaic... (optional) reduce the color depth in Photoshop before this step (optional) reduce pixel size in Photoshop before this step (optional) make a gradient strip on the image for easy value order ...


The Scriptographer community has created some options to create a similar result. Scriptographer support ends at CS5, so none of the new fancy stuff allowed. Take a look in the raster scripts area and test out a few to see what you can get.


I usually do this style with the wacom pen and tablet to emulate line art on Illustrator the most accurate way, so you don't need to trace, which would destroy your art. I use the Pencil tool in Illustrator, by double-clicking on it you can play with the options to give it more fidelity to your hand movements to make it look as natural as possible. I don't ...


I just used http://vectormagic.com and it works really well. The downloaded Mac app Vector Magic v1.8 costs $295 (last modified August 2010) but the online version is $7 per month. Here is the result I got from tracing a 450px wide line art drawing. You do need to see this test image at full screen to appreciate the nice work vectormagic did on the curves. ...


it's true that there's no magic, it doesn't exist any perfect tracer, but, for example,in http://vectormagic.com/home , they have an online free auto tracer much better than Illustrator's one, at least for tracing black and white logos, that's a proven fact


Distortion happens. :) Escher made a career out of playing with the natural distortion which happens in perspective. Based on question title -- No. Based on question in your post --- Yes (they are opposite questions :) ) For a natural appearance in 2 point perspective all items must fall between the 2 vanishing points. Any object which falls outside either ...


I think the answer to your 1st question is "yes." As the viewer rotates, any arbitrary vanishing point is going to be a line from the center of the view to the horizon. This isn't a limitation, but rather a mere fact of reality. n-point perspective is always going to look synthetic. Artistically, playing with this in the manner you illustrate might give ...

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