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3rd party solutions Automator ( Mac - Native app ) Recently made a video about this. Create a new Service At the top: Service receives [no input] in [Adove Illustrator CC 2015.app] If you don't specify application here, you can launch the script when any window is active, which can be useful. Search and add action: Get Specified Finder Items. Add ...


You can create an action which calls the script via the Insert Menu Item command, then assign an F-key shortcut to the action. However, Illustrator fails to retain script designations in actions when you quit the application (long standing bug). So, this means every time you launch AI you have to reset the action to see the script.


Unfortunately, InkScape is much more advanced in this regard than Illustrator. There are 3 ways, to my current understanding, that an art shape can have string data attached to it. None of them solve your question well, or nearly well as InkScape. Typing in a custom name in the layers panel for the art item will result in an id attribute. However, not all ...


Maybe this isn't the perfect answer, but comments simply didn't have enough room for this. To start with scripting, the first place you want to look is probably the Illustrator scripting reference site. In there, if you open the reference pdf for javascript. You'll find a list of methods and some sample scripts. If you search for: "exporting to" and ...

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