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You can use the transform effect rather than a regular transform, which will let you set the transform origin from the dialog. Actions won't record effects so you will need to use the Insert Menu Item... option from the Actions panel's dropdown and select the effect. Since the transform is an effect rather than an actual transform you may want to expand ...


In Photoshop the easiest way is to make an action and then run a batch. First step is to change image size to desired and then change canvas size to 600. Illustrator don't allow to record an action with artboard resize but you can do it with macros but you would still need to open every file manually and then start the macro.


For the Mac, Spark is a fantastic app that easily lets you set shortcuts for illustrator scripts (File>Scripts) as well as other oft-used menu items you want to setup.


Yes, you can use a simple script (extendScript, put in file with jsx rending and drag and drop on illustrator) to do this: #target illustrator main(); function map(arr, func){ //extendScript has no map ret = new Array(); for (var i = 0; i < arr.length; i++){ ret.push(func(arr[i])); } return ret; } function main() { var doc = app....

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