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In Illustrator you can try this way: Create small white circle Make this circle a symbol (just drag it to symbol panel) Spray this symbol everywhere you need with symbol sprayer tool Change sizes of some of this symbols (circles) with symbol sizer tool Change colors of some symbols with symbol stainer tool


Colliderscribe is a great option. Another method of doing it is through the "transform each" feature. Make several copies of the object you want to create a background of. Select them all. Select Object>Transform>Transform Each Type a number of pixels to move the objects horizontally and vertically Type a percentage to scale the objects Tick the "random" ...


There is a plugin called ColliderScribe of Astute Graphics which is the direct answer of your question. Its a paid plugin but you can download its trial version which is for 14-15 days and use it. you can use the Space Fill Feature to achieve your goal. You can google for its functionality and tutorial. There are lots of tutorial on this.


I believe the tool that would suit you best for this effect is a scatter brush. You can learn more about the scatter brush here:


I didn't want to do this, cause this can lead to a path of: "...and also, I'd like to only rename the selected layers... oh and...", but here's the same script edited to keep the layer names. Note that if you got layers that already contain a number in the name, this will just append a new number there, which may be less than ideal. ////START SCRIPT//// ...


You can do this via scripting, a quick template example: var traceobj = selection[0].trace(); var opt = traceobj.tracing.tracingOptions; opt.cornerAngle = 90; opt.fills = true; opt.ignoreWhite = false; opt.maxColors = 32; opt.maxStrokeWeight = 0; opt.minArea = 5; opt.minStrokeLength = 3; opt.outputToSwatches = true; opt.palette = ''; opt.pathFitting = ...

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