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Photographs and pixel-based art can have a real-world fidelity that vector artwork can not easily achieve. In real life, things are not really mathematically precise and clean. One can get greater photo-realism per file-size bit with pixels than with a vector shape. That's not to say you can't achieve near photo-realism with vectors - rather that you'll ...


You can do a lot of things with vector graphics, eventually however the vector graphics need to be rendered to pixels, rasters etc. This rendering process gets slower the more data you have. In fact 3D graphics is also a vector graphic data. 3d renders show the limitations of your rendering speed as many renders to print size take hours to do. Second, most ...


While vector images have many advantages, they also have shortcomings. Vector data is, in general, better suited for items which have hard edges. Vector graphics do not excel at creating soft edges areas or shapes which blend into other soft-edged shapes. Yes, you can use raster effects in many graphics applications to blur or "undefine" the edges of ...


Probably best to just "Save As" and select JPEG as your format and whatever degree of compression you'd like to apply. The whole point of slices is to export the design as separate images to utilize in your HTML and CSS.

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