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use InDesign..it helps me better always best, gauri


It doesn't really look like you got rid of the white background, so first make sure that it truly is gone: Use your magic wand to select the white area. Then go to Select and Inverse Copy and Paste into a new layer*. Next, you need to save as a PNG or GIF with a transparent background: Hide the layer with the image that has the white background. (Make ...


Try save as> PNG or Save as>GIF


It really depends on your specs. The last one I did IIRC if I Recall Correctly was about 20" x 10" in 300 DPI. Unless its a totally custom bag, your printer probably has standard / default sizes (much like biz cards etc). It really depends on a ton of factors, mainly the size of your canvas, DPI, etc. Personally I would ask your printer for a PSD template ...

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