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It's a little destructive but you might get some better results if you convert your text to outlines. I've found in the past it's the easiest way to avoid Helvetica Neue destroying when it exports. In fairness though, a 200% png is probably the best you'll get, your main problem seems to stem from the size of the elements in the graphic. When Illustrator ...


As far as I can tell, the images are embedded into the Sketch file and would need to be exported out individually. Unlike Illustrator or InDesign, they are not "linked" to the originals. So you would need the original files to manipulate, or you could save them out as TIFFs or some other lossless file format to maintain quality and then use Photoshop to ...


I would be able to provide you directions on how to do this if you could tell me what photo editing programs you have at your disposal.

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