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Depending on what software you use, making a bigger picture for the "master" can be useful. While reducing the size with a different program from the one used to create the image can sometimes cause issues, it is MUCH harder to take a small image and make it larger. That said if you create the image in photoshop, I would definitely suggest using an even ...


Does making pictures with bigger dimensions than actually needed enhance their quality? No. In the end, you're still left with the same amount of image data as if you had started at that size.


I would create the image with the dimensions you are going to use. Creating a larger image then cutting the size can cause the image to look worse because of downsampling. I'm not sure if thats what your looking for. What are you talking about 300 x 200 paper?


To be honest, this greatly depends on the construction of the original PDF. I suspect the low quality you are seeing has nothing to do with what you are doing and is more about what the original creator used. For Word, PNG is often the best format. I would simply Save As.. > Image > PNG from Acrobat, then open and crop as needed as you are already ...


Many mail clients today support SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). For those clients, show an SVG. It's guaranteed not to be destroyed by scaling, because it reads like a computer program (e.g. draw a circle, then draw a line connected to that circle at 120 and 240 degrees, etc), so the processor will correctly render a non-blurry image inside supporting ...


Technical solutions could be: Host the Image on a server and just embed an <img> tag with the address. The Server could use the meta-information of the HTTP-Request which will fetch the image and deliver the right image size for the device. Do the same with display-size aware CSS (But I don't know how good the support for this is in various E-Mail ...


If I were you I'd abandon the Idea. Hires handling is the least of your problems, because there is simply no support within E-Mails. But the problems start earlier. Most email clients strip out images and add a button where the user can activate the images. All this fuss for just a logo is just too much of a hassle. I would just write the sig with ...

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