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You need to set dither to none. Dithering is an intentionally applied form of noise. I haven't worked in flash for a while, so not sure of the settings and options, but any dithering at all effectively adds that noise you are trying to get rid of.


Can anyone suggest how to literally make an image "retina display"? I think it doesn't depends on the camera. Does their is any software for it? The term 'Retina Display' is usually a reference to the high resolution screens on some apple products. I assume you're referring to serving higher resolution versions of images to such screens due to their ...


I suggest Illustrator. With its diagramm tools you can create any kind of diagram and its fully editable. Also you can output any kind of format in any resolution since its verctorbased graphics. Of course, illustrator isn't free. If you don't want to invest money, maybe there's an alternative for you here. I don't know whether those are suitable for you. ...


I know many people use https://www.lucidchart.com. If you are on Windows and have access to Visio, that is a good diagram tool as well.

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