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Yes. That's generally the accepted difference. Pro Bono, meaning "for public good" would be along the lines of designing posters for an anti-drug campaign in schools. Or Anti-smoking literature for non-profit groups like the American Outreach Association (which don't actually sell a product or service). Essentially, if the project is geared towards helping ...


I think Scott's answer is valid and one way to look at it. I'd use a slightly different explanation. Whether it's spec or pro-bono work, you're not getting paid, and someone is benefiting from your work (at least, there's a perceived benefit). The difference is that with pro-bono, the project is treated as a proper project. There's a schedule, there's a ...


Callout is the most common term I know of. You used it in your question. Regardless of whether it indicates a source or not, it's still referred to as a callout.


Skeuomorph is perhaps the term you are looking for. Here's a discussion on UX: I think it's an equally valid Graphic Design question as well. As an aside: I think knobs are one of the greatest physical UI elements out there. I also think it's the one ...

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