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I don't believe you can specifically insert a row or column. You can click-drag to highlight multiple cells and copy. Then click-drag to highlight new cells and paste. You don't have to copy/paste one cell at a time.


The top and bottom row in the image you provided are different in one other important way. The bounding shape varies across the row. That's key when dealing with overlap, but also a good principle for general use. For a straightforward example, consider the top vs. bottom row in this image of familiar symbols. It is much easier for the eye to visually group ...


My favourite is Pencil Project. It allows you to build all sorts of diagrams, lets you install more shapes and types, export to many formats, like png, svg, html etc. and is free! If you want, you can even install it as a firefox extension and use it as you browse the web. You can also search for clipart in the web directly from the software. What's more, ...

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