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It's not exactly it but you could have a look at "concept map" or "mind map" or "network map". The difference between what you need and these 3 types of diagram is they often have a central point. Instead of using "graph" in your keywords, you could use the word "map" and add "diagram"; you could get more results. Mind map diagram: Concept map ...


These are just simply graphs. Altough in this case they are most likely formed by force direction so they could be called force directed graphs because thats the layout. Not to be confused with directed vs nondirected graphs. It is pretty easy for you to generate your own graphs in about 3 minutes with tools like: yEd Gephi Graphwiz


I don't have any resource to suggest you but planning this kind of work should be similar to planning an app or a dynamic website. From what I understand, you'd like to know how you can show to your superior a nice "proof" or first draft of your interface to give them a feel of the process and how it will work. The plan First step will be to make a plan ...


A way to get a "resource" for the design is just looking at other examples (movies, designers, video games, etc...) then you can try to sketch it on paper and see how it looks,try to use max 3 colors since it's a HUD, in my experience it's the best way to get something done. First: analyze all the elements that a HUD requires Second: find the idea see ...


Mondrian is a free vector graphics web app like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, and runs in your browser http://mondrian.io/. It's open-source. So if you're into lasers and technical stuff, you can build your own copy via Github.


I'm surprised that no one mentioned Microsoft Powerpoint.... To me, it looks like that was the program it was made with based on the border thicknesses, that all the shapes are readily available in the insert shape menu, and has the same default font as powerpoint. Even if it was not made with this program, Powerpoint is a great program for simple graphics ...

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