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The point at which the marker will "graft" onto the path is the center of the defined marker (i.e. 0,0). You can position it by changing the path definition either globally in the markers.svg (on windows something like c:\programs\Inkscape\share\markers\markers.svg), or by chaging the marker defition in the svg itself with the xml editor. In the image ...


This doesn't directly answer your question about converting the pixels to vector shapes, but... If the only reason you want to convert the pixels to vector shapes is to scale then it's not really necessary (it would be nice, but if your having trouble doing it, it's not essential). All you need to do is increase the size of the image in integer multiples ...


The XML used for an Android VectorDrawable resource is specific to Android and therefor not something you will easily be able to export from any general image editing software. You have a number of options. Android has Vector Asset Studio, with which you can import an SVG file to and export the XML resource you need. SVG to VectorDrawable Converter is a ...


I found the answer using this: Is there a way to copy live path effects from one object to another in Inkscape?, but first using Remove Path Effects so that two of the same effects are not pasted on top of each other.

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