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here is an easy way to do this: http://sqeets.com/Tutorial/create-a-hexagon-in-html-using-css/


You can do this, but you have to enable "Show clipping path(s) of selected object(s)" For smaller screens : Also, when you move the image, the clip path doesn't move with the image, so things like this can happen:


Create a circle. Convert Object to Path. Extensions → Modify Path → Add Nodes… Select by number of segments. In the example I chose five segments; you will likely want to choose a higher number. Create a symmetric trapezium. Select the trapezium and your circle and apply Extensions → Modify Path → Perspective. Remove trapezium. In the Nodes tool, ...


I found the answer in the internet. There is two methods both are working fine. it is by replacing the color. link 1 http://www.inkscapeforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2898 link 2 http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14881887/how-do-i-substitute-one-colour-for-another-in-every-object-of-an-eps-file


If your strokes are of the same width and/or colour you can select them by going Select > Same > Stroke Colour or Stroke Weight. THere's a bunch of other options in that menu as well that is useful for seperating objects. Edit: ok, if you were using Illustrator, then this is how i'd do it.


You can perform multiple operations with vector objects. From your picture I am afraid you try to perform operations on raster and vector objects, this is why path functions will not produce desirable results. You can use MASK functions instead of path functions. Create two vector objects and play with this menu -


You can use Extrude Extension... And you can follow my tutorial (site is in Indonesian)... 3D teks effect in inkscape More at www.desainew.com


EMF is something i have used a few times. From my own experience, it's not very accurate, and is an older format that doesn't support the precision level that you get with EPS or SVG. Can you use an EPS file? What about WMF? If not, try breaking the resulting image into smaller pieces. In other words, instead of one solid "big" shape, make it from smaller ...

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