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Do Not Use PNGs You can also use SVG files saved as PDF files (open in illustrator and export as SVG-PDF). These work well as Universal sized images and should reduce the total number of images required (if you are using PNGs then you are using 3 times as many images are you actually need). Using these files as assets can therefore save 2/3 of the space you ...


Try Invison. Its your answer to test UI for different platforms using just images. You can get a pretty good idea on how it will look across platforms.


There are a lot of options for testing different screen sizes and resolutions. The best will depend on your workflow. Online Tools Online responsive tools require a domain to test. This can be a local development server (i.e MAMP, XAMP, localhost) so you don't need a live web domain. Responsive Design testing Tool - Matt KersleyShows a number of ...


iOS Human Interface Guidelines The iOS Human Interface Guidelines set out guidelines for general design principles to follow, specific guidelines on typography, color, navigation, interactivity, icons and a lot more. Apple aren't very strict on enforcing these design guidelines (not consistently anyway) so not all apps you see will follow these guidelines ...

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