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Styles before symbols Your best bet is to use styles rather than symbols for most layout units. Where the is a good reason to use a symbol (eg global nav), the component items of that symbol should use a style that is synced across files. Plug-ins fill in the gaps For the synchronization, I'll have to do some research and get back to you. There is a plug-...


The only way to download Apple's San Francisco font is from the Apple developer website: The font isn't licensed for any general use at all. Only paid members of Apple's developer program are allowed to download it and are only allowed to use it for screen mockups, nothing more. If you aren't an Apple developer you're ...


640 × 1136 px² is already the 1:1 resolution, meaning these are physical pixels of the screens. So yes, you create a 640 × 1136 canvas, create your icon in the dimensions that you desire, and then crop it out. Your final icon file should have the dimensions of 320 × 320 px².

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