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One of the easier ways to handle multi-density screens (ie, Retina) is to use resolution-agnostic file formats. For iOS development, SVG ideal. An SVG file is a vector file, so no matter what size you scale it too, or what the pixel density of the screen is, you will always have the 'crispest' image possible. This also saves you the hassle of having to ...


If you want static images, then Illustrator or Photoshop will do the job. If you want interactive/animations then Flash or Edge Animate have that ability. As mentioned in my answer to the other related question you should get an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription so you can experiment with all of the mentioned Adobe software.


I use Illustrator for that. If the platform you are going to use supports SVG, go for it. Otherwise, here are some thoughts about how to create crisp raster UI elements using AI (JPG, PNG, etc). Mind you, I am a pixel picker and a bit obsessive at it. Make sure you create a document that is RGB to start with (as opposed to CMYK) so you can see the colours ...


It's not a radius. The iOS icon grid, including the corner curve can be easily put together using two ratios. These ratios are the golden section and the square root of two. Determining the points through which the curved corner passes is surprisingly simple. The grid as it is presented by Apple shows how to establish three points of the curve: 1) the point ...


So,as Alan had put it - one of the easiest ways to achieve this, is to cut out the image area, and leave the phone frame with a transparent window. You then add any desired image in a separate layer, bellow the cut-out frame, and export it. Step by step: Import your image above into GIMP On the Layers dialog (ctrl + L), right click on the layer with the ...


The best way to do this kind of compositing is to cut out the map completely, so that you have a frame that's transparent in the image area, then put your own image on a layer below. That eliminates alignment problems. I don't off-hand recall the specifics of how Gimp does this, but it certainly has the capability.

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