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Yes, iOS human design guidelines it's 44 x 44 pt it's true. But its mean not size of icon but they told about tapping area. Means you can use icon size as per your design but when you slice this that time you can crop this icon by 44px so user can taping easily.


I read from the iOS human design guidelines it's 44 x 44 pt? Because the confusing thing is Apple is using pts instead of px, so the question is, how large should I make it in Photoshop? 44 pt = 44 px? For non-Retina devices, 1 iOS point = 1 pixel. For Retina devices, 1 iOS point = 2 pixels. For Retina HD devices (iPhone 6 Plus only right now), 1 iOS ...


Create your application as per 5S dimension. This fine you need given assest to developer as below. Retina display for iPhone4S,5,5S and 6 use @2x and only for 6pluse give @3x assest. For more refrence of assest size and guideline refer below link. http://iosdesign.ivomynttinen.com/

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