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You're asking for a lot here. Unfortunately my expertise is restricted to Japanese. Japanese In Japanese, a great candidate for Comic Sans is 創英角ポップ体 sōei kaku poppu tai. This font is extremely informal, is widely used (for example in leaflets in government offices, whatever), comes with Windows, is widely frowned upon (read: "...


For what it's worth, I found something for chinese that seems to be their equivalent of Comic Sans, at least to their designers. Because as for Comic Sans, people seem to actually love the font and use it everywhere... except designers. The font is called "Young Lady Font" but Google often translate it to "Girls Body" and I've also seen them call another ...


For a block of text(speech) Hiragino Maru Gothic Pro is a great choice. For shorter text for emphasis(onomatopoeia e.g.) I recommend Hiragino Kaku Gothic Std font, part of OS X. A good place to get inspiration is from manga. You will notice most manga don't actually use "cartoony" fonts. Edit: I forgot to mention that you should pair up the Japanese and ...


I suppose that your image was clipped from the NHK newscast. (Below is from a random YouTube video) The text in question (#1) seems to be N-太角ゴシック体, which actually is a dead copy of ゴナ, but still identifiable since they are using another typeface マール (#2) from the same vendor at the same time. The #3 is ニューセザンヌ from an irrelevant company. Both #1 and ゴナ ...


Well I started by paging through all of the non-western fonts on The best thing about that is being able to "preview" the text, so reference between my image and the site is much easier. Unfortunately, no luck. I ended up finding my answer on the What the Font Forum. I was lucky that a Japanese typographer was browsing the forum at the time. ...


My computer seems to have Kozuka Mincho Pro, which has a huge base of glyphs. Even some white-on black kanji and a large selection in both hiragana and katakana. The font came, as far as I know, with my copy of Adobe CS3. A Google made me find it available for free both at and


I don't think so at all. Japanese "style" is just calligraphy done with a brush and ink stick. To say it is offensive would be like saying block print is offensive. Don't think of it as Japanese, think of it as calligraphy.


Here are two books by one of the foremost experts on usability, Jakob Nielsen. Both are very popular, and have been translated into many languages including Japanese. The first one is a bit old, but it's also "the number-one best-selling book about user interfaces", so definitely worth a look. Here they are... Designing Web Usability Author's Site: http://...


The red kanji comes from a free font にくまるゴシック, one of M+-derivative fonts. All remaining kana letters are set in Cherry Bomb, as you said. The image above was created with Photoshop changing fonts without any adjustments. Your image source seems to be this YouTube video, in which they also use Rounded M+ and Hiragino (Mac built-in).

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