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Select "Delete Cropped Pixels" in the toolbar to save as the same format as the original. This only works if there are no layers. In that case, it will automatically save as PSD, unless you choose another format.


The bad news: With automatic tracing algorithms alone, you won't be able to get a clean result. There will always be noise. The good news: If you're willing to invest just a bit of effort in manual cleanup, you can get a very decent vectorized reconstruction. This is what I was able to get in roughly 5 minutes: (Click on the image for a high-res version ...


If you trace the bitmap with the Brightness Cutoff algorithm and threshold 0.3, you will get a nice rendering of the black strokes only. This will get most of the job done. Another trace with a higher cutoff will get you the whole head included. You can colour this second trace grey and layer it below the first black trace.

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