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I don't think you can set a default file type for the "save as.." It will save in the same format as it already is and if there's no layers (for example) if you do a normal "save." But you can set a default format for the "export as" or "quick export" in the "export" in the menu "file" on Adobe Photoshop. Then you can select your favorite format and even ...


This may not be anyone else's problem, but all I had to do was check the "delete cropped pixels" box at the top of the window. That's it.


1) The facts The reason you have a higher settings than 10/12 is becouse 12/12 is a higher setting. Here are some compression tests following my methodology explained here (In spanish, please use google translate if needed): http://otake.com.mx/Apuntes/PruebasDeCompresion2/1-CompresionJpgProceso.htm a) Using the compression (save as) 12/12 you have a ...


Apparently it is a relic from the days of experimentation in the Adobe labs. It is not recommended to use higher than 10 on that scale, it may actually lower the quality of the image or substantially bloat the file size. It would be a welcome change if Adobe removed that experimental extension of the scale.


If you really are sensitive to the quality then you should avoid jpeg. You allready lost quality when the original image was saved as jpeg, nothing brings this quality back. In general you should avoid saving your documents out to jpeg unless your shipping the images off somewhere in their final form. Its hard to say wether the quality suffers much at all, ...


Basicly they are using an aplication that does not read right a cmyk file (or you did not embed it). The visualization is not a problem, the problem could be that that program does not recognize embeded profiles. Anyway, make a sample print and make decisions based on that. Or use an RGB file, but still, you need to make a test. If the project is ...


You can't. When you save to jpg you create a flat file without layers and no layer information is retained. You threw away all layers when you saved as a jpg. There is no way to get layers back. If you want to retain layers in any file, you should save it to the native .psd format.

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