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From illustrator. I normally save as SVG then it will look sharp on a a screen and will re size nicely on gadgets. Then you dont need to worry about screen resolution


Traditionally, screen resolution has been 72dpi, though newer high-res monitors like Apple's Retina displays can go up to 400dpi. That said, when saving images for the web, image resolution doesn't really matter. Most people will export at 72dpi, but the most important thing to do is to export at the pixel dimensions at which the image will be displayed. ...


72 dpi is best for web or 92 dpi for retina displays. 300 dpi is generally only for print. Using it for the web will just make a bulkier file.


This is usual behaviour for Photoshop. The file has layers and therefor can't be saved as a JPG, you are actually saving a flattened copy of your PSD (notice 'Save: As as Copy' is selected and greyed out). If you flatten the image first you should be able to save the file as a JPG without creating a copy. I'm not sure what your workflow is in this instance ...


Mark Edwards has a great scripted solution for this, posted to another question. An automated, easy solution Use the File → Scripts → Export Layers to Files script. This will export each layer of your document as a separate file with a filename that matches the layer name (so ensure your layer names are correct before running the script). Make sure you ...


Your *.jpg file has most probably a CMYK (print) colour profile embedded. Lots of browsers will then distort the colours. Try and re-save the files with an RGB profile and you'll be right as rain.


Figured out a good solution Select layers In Animation flyout menu click "Make Frames From Layers" Select all animation frames Click black background layer File -> Export -> Render Video Is there a faster way to save all layers in PSD to PNG?

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