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I know this is old. I'm working on this right now in a WebGL implementation of wobbly text (whatever). The solution I'm working on goes like this: Get a bitmapped version of the glyph pair (or do it with vectors if you want) For each row of pixels (or arbitrary vertical unit if you go with vectors), check that both glyphs have at least one pixel present ...


I almost always adjust it manually, even in preformatted headlines in our newspaper. Most fonts just aren't built to handle larger sizes and sometimes I feel like font designers spend far too little time on character spacing. No matter, I've got option+left/right ... I try to talk about some of these things at http://drpgraphicdesign.com/blog/ but, I get ...


If you're using Illustrator as part of a Creative Cloud account, consider using InDesign rather than Illustrator. InDesign has tools specifically for kerning and moving your work between programs is just like moving between Illustrator and Photoshop. I hope this helps a little atleast! SKEUE


There is always kerning issues when you display text on large sizes. You need to kern it manually. I suggest that you begin with the most difficult pair, in this case RL and and continue by adjusting all the other pairs until you achieve balance.

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