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Hold the Command/Ctrl key down and click the layer thumbnail for the "B". This will load a selection. Highlight the green layer Hold the Option/Alt key down and click the New Mask icon () at the bottom of the Layers Panel. This will provide a non-destructive way to remove one layer's contents from another. Working non-destructively has great benefits and ...


Select layer 1 in the Layers Panel, make sure it is highlighted. Click on the selection tool, I would suggest the Magic Wand tool if you're using Photoshop. Select/highlight the areas you wish to knock out of the layer 0. Then, with that area still highlighted, click on layer 0 in the layers panel. Press delete on your keyboard. And hide Layer 1 so ...


I'm sure there is more than 1 solution for this, but here is how I solve this : I kind of zoom in for a better selection, I use " Magic Wand Tool " to select on my text while on my text layer. Then, select my background layer and hit delete button. Here is my result Note : I change the background-color to black for you guys easier to see.

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