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If using layer style effects to get the border (stroke in layer effects) then you want to toggle the "Layer Mask Hides Effects" checkbox under "Blending Options".


Should really consider using Shape instead with Fill and Stroke. Then when you use a Layer Mask to erase part of it the Stroke won't be affected. It will give you a better workflow for most things while keeping things higher quality and less destructive.


I'm guessing you're using a stroke layer style on your shape in Photoshop. If you use a Layer Mask directly on the layer that has the shape with the effect, it will create the result you see on your top image. It won't delete the stroke but create a new "path" for it to follow instead, the stroke will simply wrap that shape and still be visible. But if you ...


i had that problem and i eliminate the texture setting and it worked


Mitchell. The easiest way to answer your problem is: when you have added styles on a layer you can convert them to a new layer. After that just apply vector mask on it. Now, you can take the brush tool with black color and fade out the parts you don't need. You can always get the faded parts back with the brush tool, but with white color. Hope this helps. ...

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