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They aren't linked, colors are only used to visually be able to differentiate objects from the different layers. When you select an object, its outline will have the same color as the layer color. I guess that Adobe chose to not make the sub layers the same color because they guessed(?) that users would like it that way...


use the function "Save a copy...". If that doesn't work - save it as a .PSB file, then back to .PSD


Came here because I googled for 'Extract assets' and woah a whole new world of people wanting this feature :) Anyways, I am the PM for the dialog in Photoshop so I would like to mention that there is a new way to do this through File > Extract Assets in PSD. Please do let me know how that works!


tl;dr: This is due to entering the quick mask mode. Press the 'Q' key and the problem should be gone! Longer Explanation: At the bottom/end of the "tools" bar (see image below), there is a button for editing selections in "quick mask mode", i.e. selections are created using a brush. When this button is pressed, then attempting to transform a path seems to ...


The adjustment layer is set as a "clipping mask", meaning that it is applied only to the layer below it. You can Option/Alt-click between the two layers (right at the line dividing the layers). This will remove the link relationship between the two layers. You can also right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac) the upper layer and select Release Clipping ...


Not really THE answer, but an un-fubar. I found the "reset character" option. Whatever I messed up, was unmessed up.

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