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If you want to cover your bases the only option would be to include it in a contract that the client is responsible for the content and all associated images that may prove an issue and is the one liable by waiving you of all legal issues. I want to provide this service to more people (putting image inside text) but should I just stick to my own ...


Further to what @user568458 said in the comment above about my answer on the other question: Try writing it in your contract with the designer. I AM NOT A LAWYER AND THIS IS NOT LEGAL WORDING. This is just a suggestion. You should run this by an actual lawyer, and I have no idea if this will hold up in court. But I think it's a decent start, and as a ...


When I am not sure if somebody "owns" a photo I use Google image search on the photo. Usually I can find the photographer or original publisher that way or see that the photo is all over the internet. http://www.google.com/insidesearch/features/images/searchbyimage.html


After all I wrote a message to the legal project lead of Creative Commons Germany. The summary of his answer is: As there are no central registries, the best you can do is taking a screenshot where the image and the corresponding license are clearly visible. This is usually enough to prevent or counter legal issues and you do not depend on any third ...

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