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Although you may feel this is blatant plagiarism, there are a few things you should consider before pursuing this in any legal setting. How similar is the design to yours, as-in, is it unmistakably similar or identical to a non-bias 3rd party? Is there a possibility your design could be considered generic enough to not be copyrightable in a legal sense? ...


What would one do in a situation like that? I would find a lawyer. Which should be really easy, given that this is a fairly obvious case of plagiarism. Good luck!


I would look into counsel from a lawyer. When you visit a lawyer you need to make sure to provide what you have in writing. Do you have proof that these designs were under negotiations? Also, by proof I literally mean X company sent you an email saying we would like to discuss with you about X design. Do you have a contract or draft of a contract that was ...


As Matt said, hire a copyright lawyer. Or at least have someone with the required legal knowledge have a look at your case and advice you on the matter.


In the fictional case that the font foundry would, in theory, take note of this abstract breach of copyright, they would, presumably, undertake legal action towards this assumed corporation. Details of such suppositional legal action would possibly be influenced by the severity of the imagined case, as well as the theoretical nationalities of both the ...

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