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The only permissible use of someone else's copyrighted material I'm aware of is for fan fiction or tribute sort of use. But certainly not for profit.


Freepik.com requires you link back to the author when you're on the free plan: Free Plan 33,500+ vectors 2,000+ new vectors every month Requires a link back to credit the author 2 steps download Limit of 60 downloads / day Paid plans do not require this. More info here You can however use it anyway you like, so I don't see a problem with using it in ...


Don't worry about it, only one of two things will happen. A ""nobody"" will steal it and post it somewhere.............. n that's it.... it'll just be somewhere... and people will see it.... maybe even think "wow that's cool"... then move on with their life... and that's it... Some company will steal it and turn it into a huge billion dollar thing that ...

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