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You have 3 options. 1) Put the lines behind the black circle. 2) Put the lines inside the colorfull circle (white) with Power Clip. 3) Convert the lines to path (Ctrl+Q) and then cut them with the black circle. (I am not sure what is the name of the Window because I am not using the last version of Corel and mine is in spanish, but it is a dockable window ...


Using the pen tool with a stroke is the correct solution. You don't need to draw anything with your mouse. Just place anchor points and adjust the curves as needed. With some practice, it doesn't take very long. Using the (P) and (ctrl+shift+C) keyboard shortcuts are helpful to save time. Live Trace is helpful for certain tasks, but I wouldn't recommend ...


I would probably not even bother closing the lines, just make a layer behind the lines then use the brush or blob brush to block in areas of solid colour. You can then use Warp / Smooth to get them under control rather than messing with individual points. Closing paths is a pain, so avoid it if you can.


Some portraiture artists skip over any attempts to contain the face inside the more dominant geometric structures of the skull too early on. Instead they concentrate on five or six points of reference that are key to identifying what it is that's subtly different about that person, and map them out immediately within a barely discernible 3 dimensional box ...

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