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Pen tool + patience. There is nothing more you would need.


Illustrator is a perfectly viable option for a CAD application (as is Inkscape), in small volumes. The basic difference is that you would not draw the image in 1:100 scale in a CAD application*. Rather you would draw in 1:1 scale and then the print view would be in scale. This speeds up the process since you can just type measured units. The trick to ...


You have a couple of options. As already mentioned above, you can always live trace and go from there. If you don't have Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape is an opensource alternative. Those lines look pretty sharp though so I get the impression that you either want to tidy the sketch up a little or make a workable digital version. To tidy it up a little; ...


If it helps you can save this image trace (Illustrator, default tracing options) and continue editing in any editor you want:

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