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You can use an 'envelope distort' for this in Illustrator. Draw your unbent bone shape; Draw a throwaway shape that will guide your transformation, in your case that should be a thick, shallow U shape; Remove fill and stroke from the throwaway shape; Resize and reposition the throwaway shape so it more or less covers the bone shape; Select both shapes at ...


I can see that you already did some transformations to the image, it would be more efficient to post the original image. However, I can see two solutions to this particular problem: If you are using Photoshop then using transform tool with all its options may be the way to go. You would just have to visually adjust the image until you get your wanted ...


Dashed strokes are effectively part stroke and part non-stroke (transparent). 2 possibilities for 2 color stroke: Duplicate the stroke, and group both together. Set the lower stroke in one color, and the upper stroke to dashed style, and another color. Use only 1 stroke, and set the stroke fill to gradient or (custom) pattern.


There are many ways of approaching this. Your right a curve does not have to be made out of one piece, it can be built out of several pieces. In fact one curve can be built out of several curves. I have answered a similar question, about spiral caps, mostly the same applies here. When you do is you make a initial shape and then rotate and mirror it about. ...

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