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This is actually a very good question. There are plenty of free mock-up templates on the web, that use Photoshop smart-objects. It's just a case of opening the file in Photoshop, double clicking the smart object and pasting in your screenshot. You can find a lot of excellent examples on pixeden. i.e ...


This will vary from product to product. I would encourage you to seek out the terms and conditions on a case by case basis. This might involve e-mailing the company, but sometimes the information is already made publicly available. For example, here's Apple's marketing guidelines for iPads, iPhones, and iPods: 2.2 Image use The Apple product images ...


The dots are the fattest items in the picture and they don't really mean anything. If you have a budget for ink it's like you spent it all on dots and didn't have anything left over for skull. If the skull is supposed to be scary then having an upside down heart for a nose and toothpicks for teeth is not scary. I guess it's kind of like you need to decide ...


I don't think your font treatment is pulling in the same direction as your graphic skull, for two reasons: "Plaza" is Art Deco era (google, wikipedia) and brings that baggage with it. Both layouts are symmetrical – which contrasts with the connotation of "Psycho". Maybe something more unbalanced would be more striking?

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