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You can use the Direct Selection Tool (white arrow) to select the paths of the clipping mask and add a stroke to them. Do not use the Selection Tool (black arrow). I'd just use a gradient with middle stops as an extra fill on text objects, allowing the text to remain "live" and editable. This is easiest with single lines of text, but the gradient can ...


This really depends a lot on how a clipping mask is created. You can have layer-level clipping masks which mask everything on that layer. Layer-level clipping masks are created by selecting a path and choosing the Make Clipping Mask from the Layers Panel Menu. What this does is mask everything on that layer based on the designated shape. An object-level ...


When you create a layer mask there are two option... A mask set to Reveal All or a mask set to Hide all. The difference is the initial color of the mask.. if it's a white mask, you've created a Reveal all mask. If it's a black mask, you've created a Hide All mask. When you click the Add Mask button at the bottom of the Layers Panel it by default creates a ...


See Scott's answer for the correct answer to your question. However I want to add my answer as an alternative method to solving your issue which I think will be an easier way to manage your masks. I would use a clipping mask (which is different than a vector mask you have applied to each layer) for the graphic. You can extend the base object past the canvas ...


Copy the blue box. Deselect all (Select > Deselect) Edit > Paste in Front (will paste the blue box copy on top of everything) Select the pigs/blend (along with the already selected, pasted, box) Object > Clipping Mask > Make


Select transparency inside the t-shirt and make it as a clipping mask for the background layer.


Select all layers (you want included). Make a copy of all layers. Merge selected layers. Lock transparency and fill with black. (or use a folder) Unlock alpha. Make a levels adjustment on alpha in channels.. (or disable drop shadows before merging)

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