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Select all layers (you want included). Make a copy of all layers. Merge selected layers. Lock transparency and fill with black. (or use a folder) Unlock alpha. Make a levels adjustment on alpha in channels.. (or disable drop shadows before merging)


Alternatively - you can just use the Select by color tool (just next to the magic wand on the tool box) - and click on any white part of the image. This will select the white areas - then, just copy and paste on the target image. The "color to alpha" as @PieBie put it, is more precise, and better to remove a solid background when you want to keep a lot of ...


Easiest way to remove one color is: Colors > color to alpha select black (HTML: 000000) ok > ok done Then you can copy-paste the layer onto any other image.


The easiest way is to click on the Layer Mask thumbnail, on the Layers Dialog, so that it is the active drawable, then copy and paste it to a new image (ctrl + c, ctrl + shift + v) , and just export this new image as usual. (the pasted image will be grayscale, as expected) Maybe it is the only way using the program's GUI - (there may be variants, but in ...


This is somewhat of a guess, but I believe it has something to do with this option: In the Menu: Object > Fitting > Frame Fitting Options There is a setting here to Align From. The small circles that you created may have this attribute set when they were created, and the Eye Dropper is grabbing it even though you don't want it to. I suggest selecting ...


The "Edge 3D" Extension duplicates the selected Path object to create a clipping path. This mask is applied to a group of smaller paths that have a Gaussian Blur Effect. You can see this relationship clearly if you look at the XML Tree in Edit > XML Editor. Unfortunately, this effect is not "live". Any changes to the original path are not applied to the ...


Try Object > Expand with your warped text selected. If it's still live, editable text, convert it to outlines first. Then, you'll be able to copy it and paste into Photoshop as a Shape Layer, which can be used as a clipping mask. If this is totally off the mark, add a couple of screenshots to help us understand your process.

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