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You don't need the 3rd layer. Lower the flow of your brush and opacity if you like, although the lowered flow alone should be enough, and just paint back in the parts of the forest you want to show over the woman


CAD drawings imported into Ai are usually insanely complex. It's just the nature of how CAD programs work; they use such a different object model under the hood than Ai's Postscript heritage that a CAD designer's dream tends to be an Ai user's nightmare. If you were lucky enough to get a file that retained the original CAD layers, you should first turn off ...


when you want to copy/paste into a layer mask, be sure to "alt+Click" on the layer mask and then you can paste into it (or go the mask channel and active the last one)


I listed to you three choices, now i think is gonna help: http://sahlinstudio.com/tutorial-creating-shapes-and-using-clipping-masks/ http://www.photoshopessentials.com/basics/clipping-masks-essentials/ ;-D

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