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Vinyl sticker is best for this purpose. But you need to remove the part from the CPU. It should not be so difficult. Use hair dryer for quick drying. I came across this youtube video of vinyl wrap.


It can be printed on UV Flatbed Printer. If you can find near you who deals in billboards, signage etc. Nowadays, most of them have UV flatbed Printers which are used to print on metals, sun-board, ply board, glass, acrylic etc. Youtube link for a demo


The cheapest is to print in a self adhesive paper. You can either buy a sheet on a copy center, or print the design there, and just cutting it. Obviously you will not see any metalic finish on the image. There are some other materials, like adhesive vinyl and there is one transparent called mylar, that is used for stickers but I am not sure if it can be ...

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