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Save your shape from Illustrator as .EMF file. Go to PowerPoint -> Insert a picture -> select your .emf file and click open. At this point it will act as a picture. You will have to right click the shape -> Group -> Ungroup. A prompt will appear asking you if you want to convert it. Click yes and after Ungroup it one more time. You will see that the ...


I figured it out :) Ended up using Photoshop and the Contact Sheet feature:


You could always use Google Picasa and create a 'picture collage'. This simply looks at any number of images in a folder - then you can create a 'grid' collage at whatever size you want. Save it as an image and then import into Powerpoint. I do this a lot and takes approx 5 minutes (once you have the images that is)


If you do much of this, check out "Building PowerPoint Templates" by Swinford and Terberg. It's available on Amazon and from Que directly; other places as well, I imagine. It's primarily Windows-oriented but they do explain the Mac side of things somewhat. You may find that it's simpler to develop templates/themes under Windows PPT, then test them on Mac.

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