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you can test your website online on any kind of device with different resolutions as well as your own required resolution. Mobitest.comli


There is no hard rule or "best number" for the number of columns used in a design for small screens like the 320px screen you mention. Generally 1-2 columns are used for this width as it keeps things readable and clickable, but it depends fully on the design and content of each section as for what number of columns to use. It can even vary from section to ...


Sketch can't automatically recreate one single screen to accommodate multi-platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc), or multi-resolutions. The platform limitation has more to do with the inherent differences in each platform - a UX/UI/Product designer typically has to make very specific considerations for how their app behaves on each platform. E.g. a "...


Apple has the iOS Human Interface Guidelines, which set some limitations on design but they shouldn't prevent you from implementing material design in your app. The only real limitations you have to implementing material design on iOS are technical. The built-in iOS UI elements have varying levels of possible customization. Some are limited to changing ...

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