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Many Github project's would like the help of a graphics designer, just look for an active project that has a ugly icon. Design a first sketch and attach it to a new "issue" for the project.


Just to get this off the unanswered list, and since my comment appears to have been useful: Most of the actual typographical requirements listed in this question will be matched by most fonts on the market; there are just one or two deal-breakers that are largely type-dependent: Serif fonts rarely have single-storey g’s (except sometimes as an alternate) ...


I will preface this by saying that I am not a lawyer. I am pretty familiar with font legal/business issues from my decade-plus at Adobe working with their lead font lawyer, and 20 years in the type business in various roles dealing with IP. But that said, these are legal issues, and consulting a lawyer is an excellent idea. One such lawyer who is well known ...


This is only a partial answer. The rest of the question is addressed very well by Thomas Phinney’s answer Otherwise, if I'm not careful, it sounds like anyone could just copyright my work as their own Copyright does not work like this. If you created something and did not sign any contracts to transfer your copyright, you hold the copyright. If you ...

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