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Affinity Photo has a great perspective tool. I use it regularly for sketchbook and whiteboard captures. Be sure to set the mode option to source to do what you're after.


You may use Photoshop which is better to correct your bitmap image distortion. Either use Vanishing Point tools from Camera Raw but if the distortion got several VP's then you may use Edit -> Perspective Warp, if already available at CS6, or Edit -> Transform -> Distort. Also there's the puppet warp tool since CS5. So in the end you do have a lot of ...


This was an odd one. Never bumped into this thing before. Seems like a bug to me. It doesn't matter if Indesign window is active of not. It's actually about some weird thing with the alt click replace method. There are 4 different ways to replace images ( if you don't count scripting ): Drag and drop 1 file from Finder to Indesign image Select 1 image in ...

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