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Interesting, well i suggest try this Add Hue,saturation adjustment layer set Saturation to -100 this will desaturate your image & turns into B/W Add gradient map adjustment layer select the required tints if you are new to gradient maps it will be better if you search for some tutorials on it, i hope this helps reply back if it works


Here is what I will suggest: Above the color image you have add a solid color Choose orange or any other color you like Change the blend mode to "Color" Above the new color layer add your text layer and use white for text color It should give you the same result. You can experiment by double-clicking on the solid color layer and changing the color to ...


It should be simple to do if you build your layers like this. top White text Orange layer set to multiply Levels layer (if needed) Black and white image bottom If levels are needed, just push the contrast and maybe make the black more grey if you want it to appear faded.

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