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I had good luck using the airbrush setting on my paintbrush: Might not be the be-all, end-all solution, but it's worked so far for me.


Films need breathtaking backrounds, these are then glued on to the film by separating the foreground from background. Alpha masking the bacgroud out of the picture is called a digital matte in video language. Matte painting started out by physically painting backgrounds onto canvases. Today they are often built from pictures and photomanipulation to better ...


It means what it says. You paint over something. In matte painting this often means grabbing a photo that is close to what you want for your background, then you paint over it to make it more awesome, like adding fog or lens flare or trees or whatever you want. In the world of 3D modelling, paintovers are part of pre-production usually, where if you cant ...


Make the brush flow equal to 100%. This is on the top bar beside the size, opacity, and other settings. If this does not work make sure your opacity is up to 100%. You can try making a new layer and painting your next stroke on that layer. Attempt to put the blending mode on add if this does not work still. Keep troubleshooting.

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