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A bad news If you did not used separated channels for each ink, you need to do it again. If you are using layers you have no real pantone information, you just have a RGB file with colors "simmilar" to a pantone. My workflow I never send the Multichannel, but a composition on a PDF file. The way I prepare is puting a grayscale image, but converted into a ...


No, that is not how printing with Pantone colors works. You can't simply select a Pantone color and use it as you would any other color as there is no way for the printer to know that it should be printed using a different ink, it will be separated to CMYK inks the same as everything else. If you open the Channels panel in Photoshop you will see channels ...


To best see how it will print merge (flatten) all layers in the manner and order to preserve the look you want to achieve and then change it to grayscale. Printing in pantone (I understand you will use one colour?) will use only one channel.

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