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If you are to create a light grey using CMYK, then use a percentage of (K) black with a % of (C) Cyan. You always want to use Cyan as opposed to Magenta because colour fluctuation of magenta is obvious. All good offset and digital commercial printers use cyan. Don't just use K, you'll find it's particularly inconsistent, grainy and streaky especially when ...


If it's just black (k) there will be virtually no difference -- a tint is a tint. A 7% tint of black is equal to a 7% tint of [insert any Pantone color here]. Using spot colors does not improve a screen's ability to filter ink. The only difference would be the color of ink being tinted, but the tints will be the same quality. If you want to remove the ...


It all depends, but often, for large branding projects, the logo may have a Pantone specification, a CMYK specification, and an RGB specification to handle all scenarios.

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