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There's an option to link an element to specific text. Anchored objects are items, such as images or text boxes, that are attached—or anchored—to specific text. The anchored object travels with the text containing the anchor as the text reflows. Use anchored objects for all objects that you want associated with a particular line or block of text, ...


That's not something you can do with regular paragraphs of arbitrary length, but it's easily done using a two-column table. Set up the table so that the text offset top and bottom is exactly half your normal paragraph spacing. The right column will contain your text. The left column will the Paragraph Style for your guillemet, with the cell style set to ...


You could create outlines of the Guillemet, converting it to art rather than type, then use bulleted lists with an anchored art object. And anchor it to the first line of the text. This will allow the guillemet to travel with its anchored text. However, you'd have to take care with the initial placement.

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