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To apply your style properly and remove any other leftover formatting, right click your style name "Paragraph Style 1" and choose the Apply.. + Clear Overrides option.


Paragraph styles do affect the numbers of the footnote text (or at least they should, I can't find a way for them not to). If you want to style the number differently to the body of the footnote then you can use nested styles (or drop caps). As you can see, I have applied a drop cap style to the first character of the paragraph style. The entire number ...


Set up your text frames with a custom baseline grid that starts offset from the top of the frame. Set the Start to a value big enough to fit your headers: Set the paragraph style for your body text to align to the baseline grid: In the paragraph style for your headers, under Keep Options, set your headers to always start on a new frame. Make sure your ...


The only way I can think to do this is to create a master pages with pre-defined text frames positioned where you want them. If Column A on the left will always be the header (your red bar) and only your header, and there will never be headers in any other column, then create your master page called header that way. Your text will flow into the container ...

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