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Im hestiant about showing you how to do this because you still haven't show any effort but Im having a great day so Im going to pass along the love. This is how I would do it: Create the shape in Illustrator and round the corner (reference: How do I modify custom radius for each corner of a rectangle in Illustrator?): Export shape as an EPS file and ...


I've designed an art book before with hanging indents but I had huge margins which made it look a lot better. I think both can work but having hanging indents would indeed cost more in terms of paper because they would require more space to look good. There are many other factors that will play on legibility. I would only design with hanging indents if I ...


sorry, cannot comment yet, am still a new member today, so here my humble answer: You are asking about peoples feelings. And about space (cost). I would personally have much better readability, if you would use the space you "lost" leftside through your hanging indents and turned them into whitespace between your paragraphs. I.e. try another new-line ...


First set Left Indent to where you'd like the text to start from and then set First Line Indent minus that amount.

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