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There's really nothing to worry about in terms of output. All that's being done is the text frame is getting a color applied to it. It's no different than placing a colored rectangle behind the text frame. Output would be the same, it's only the production method that is changing (and is easier).


Todays Adobe CC Update (2015) brought the solution to this problem. You can now enable paragraph shading to add a background to paragraph styles.


It seems counter-intuitive, but you are not trying to format the text itself. The formatting needs to be applied to the text box that the pull quote is in, so the solution is to use Object Styles rather than paragraph styles. Access the dialogue box via Window > Styles > Object Styles. As you would with Paragraph or Character styles create a new style and ...


The way we do this here is to: have matched paragraph and character styles between the MS product and InDesign write an Applescript which will then clear overrides and set the table formatting to match the desired appearance

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