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Insert your curser after the bullet in the line that wraps and press command + vertical bar (also known as pipe). This will align all subsequent lines of text in that text string with the start of your first line. It's a case by case solution but sometimes easier than writing an indent rule.


I'm going to take a slightly different approach to solving this. While he is definitely not wrong, Darth's method will involve you having to apply your style to each character manually—a process that could be very time consuming on a large document. I'll show you how to do it automatically. Open your Paragraph Style Options and go to the Drop Caps and ...


This can be done by setting the first letter as a character style. I call mine drop_cap: After applying the character style you can open the style and go to Character Color to change it: I think you should read up on character and paragraph styles, from Adobe: "Paragraph and character styles".

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