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I have done this without using paragraph shading (it's a new feature in CC 2015) Add a fill color to your text frame Object > effects > transparency Settings for: Object > Settings for: Fill Change the opacity to whatever you like. This will affect the frame, but NOT the text, which is the desired result. Your text will be flush against frame. If you would ...


Use Tint and Overprint. Be sure to also go to View and activate Overprint Preview (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Y)


You would think it be easy or an obvious option. Perhaps they will add it in at some point. For now, I found this article that might help. https://indesignsecrets.com/live-captions-with-autofit-transparency-effects.php Another option: The only other way that I know how to accomplish this is by creating duplicate paragraph styles. The first paragraph ...

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