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Use the Rectangular Grid Tool to create a grid. Create a mesh envelope (Object → Envelope Distort → Make with Mesh...) with an even and equal number of rows and columns. Select alternating columns of mesh anchor points using the Direct Selection Tool (A) and offset their position. Do the same with alternating rows of mesh points. Create a ...


You have to make a square, and fill it with the graphics that will be the pattern. Later select your square and drag n drop to the color palette, use it to fill objects with you pattern. To modify your pattern, double click it!


In Inkskape there are two different plugins to be used to put a pattern along a path: Pattern Along Path Live effect: Path... Path Effects... +... Pattern Along Path, to be applied as a Path Effect: Pattern Along Path Extension: Extensions... Generate from Path... Pattern along Path The plugins are slightly different. In this case I suggest you to ...

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