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Assuming your 'dot pattern' is a grouped grid of circle shapes, do the following: Select your clipping path On the Pathfinder panel click Trim, Merge or Crop. If you want to retain the background as a shape, use Divide.


Drag your pattern out of the swatch panel Make white invisible (for some patterns this means you may need to make a new bounding box.) Drag the pattern back to the swatch panel. Either alt drag and overwrite the old pattern. Or make a new pattern and reapply. Image 1: Timelapse of the process Some closing thoughts. I wouldn't use a pattern for a ...


Ok, try this. Select your rectangle. Go Object > Expand Appearance. Now select one background 'tile' from the rectangle's background and go Select > Same > Fill & Stroke to select all of the background tiles. Hit Delete. Alternatively, use one of Illustrator's built-in grid pattern swatches, which have no background colour. In the Swatches ...


Please do the following Step: Select the rectangle Go to Object > Rasterize Set Background to Transparent (see below) Keep the rectangle selected and go Image Trace > Line Art You are done :)

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