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There is a illustrator plugin called Colliderscribe by AstuteGraphics. This will help to do just what you are looking for in Illustrator.


Okay I'm not totally sure, but this might help: Take a circular brush Under Brush Tip Shape Options, check Scattering and Color Dynamics and adjust the settings that suit your design best. (i would also recommend turning on Opacity jitter under Transfer) Scatter in a random fashion Then, using the text tool, type in the number you want on the inside with ...


Not possible to generate something like this in photoshop or illustrator using native tools. Depending on your requirements and skills you could check out creating the shape and circles in a different application or programming language and exporting that as an svg or similar in to Illustrator/Photoshop and colouring it or fine tuning it from there. I put ...


In addition to Scott answer , I checked Envelope options and ticked the box Distort Pattern fills


Tick the box in the Preferences to Transform Pattern Tiles Then do what you are doing.


Open image in Photoshop Go to Filters > Other > Offset Adjust vertical offset so that the image seam is in the middle of the image Use the liquify tool to seamlessly connect the ribbons together Fail miserably Consider trimming all excess whitespace, and use background-size: contain instead More info on the background-size property


Instead of just making a single green one your pattern tile, make a pattern tile with one of each color as shown below in the red box: Note that the top part of the blue one is actually at the bottom of the pattern tile.

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