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For your particular problem, you need to figure out what the target screen sizes are (probably mostly between 1920x1080 and 1366x768) along with the default zoom options and then increase those pattern sizes in your art to get out of the danger zone where moire is created. Note that Acrobat/Distiller/whatever-they-call-it-now has a "default view" setting in ...


Usually, I do something like this programatically using Mathematica, but let me give you a fast way for Photoshop. 1. Create a small empty image, say 40x40 pixel 2. In the first column, you make every 5 pixel black, so that you end up with something like this: 3. Now you press the button for the selection tool a bit longer and you choose the tool ...


What you need to do is to create a seamless pattern that will reproduce the motive. You image is basically a big zig-zag with smaller zig-zags on the borders (a very popular motive in the south-american Andean region). Here's a very quick and dirty example, you can start with a normal zig-zag: And then work your way to the zig-zag blocks for the borders: ...


While it's not Photoshop, for something like this I typically use http://www.stripegenerator.com/ for some thing like this. That way you could create the stripe you want, save it out and set the image as a pattern in Photoshop and have that image for when you're looking to tile that pattern on your website.

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