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Once you've applied your pattern, right-click on said layer, then create layer, this will put any and all effects on their own layer, then just select the pattern layer and rotate it as normal.


It is called a Voronoi (cell/noise) pattern. See: Wikipedia Photoshop has a Voronoi pattern filter: its called crystallize Image 1: A Voronoi pattern, usinhg Photoshop crystallize. Its often a good idea to trim the corner cells away. And if possible do the cells yourself. Fun link: A interactive Voronoi pattern click to add new cells. Edity: this can ...


I too get a mismatch between a pattern's appearance in Inkscape and in pdf. As a workaround I convert the pattern to objects ( Object -> Pattern -> Pattern to objects or Shift+Alt+I) then what you see on screen is what gets output to pdf. That said, any transformations of the pattern beforehand make the operation hit or miss. E.g. If I fill a square with ...


There’s a few ways you could approach it, but I think the easiest is to convert a copy of the image to greyscale, then make it really high contrast by using levels (clicking auto should do it). From there, you can make a gradient selection of the bottom portion (hit q to enter quickmask, press g to select the gradient tool, make sure you have a black ...


What I found worked best was to have your pattern filling a normal square, then place your perspective shape on top of that, select them both and go to: Object> Envelope Distort > Make with Top Object

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