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When you import a vector file into inkscape, it comes in as a group of vector objects. Thus resolution isn't an issue. I do this a lot for graphs from origin and python/matplotlib. This is easy to check - -click on a curve in your graph and select the "edit paths by node" tool (F2) - you'll be able to edit the nodes. Auto-updating would be nice, but I ...


The reason for that box is because some PDF output versions do not support transparencies and transparent blending modes. A shadow on a color should be in multiply mode, which a standard pdf for print won't support, so that portion of your pdf is rasterized with the simulated shadow on that pice. (Open your pdf and move the shadow-object and see it for ...


I have recently started using the InDesign Page Exporter Utility Script and i can confirm this does what you need. I just tried this on one of my documents and yes you have the option to export each page as a separate PDF.

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