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There are two solutions to this. The first: Go to Edit > Preferences > General Check the box "Scale strokes and effects" That solves it! The first is somewhat temporal or should I say local to your machine because if you send the ai file to someone else and they don't have this stuff checked, they run into the same issue. The Second fix. Click on ...


The 2 links share above give nice information. For a quick response, after you add the third anchor point to the line, with the path tool still selected, hold down option/alt key and click on the anchor point once. Your cursor will look like 2 lines creating a narrow angle. You can do this before moving the anchor point or after. It will straighten the ...


With the Pen Tool selected, or an existing shape or path selected with a Selection Tool, change the Path Operation to Combine Shapes.


I would probably not even bother closing the lines, just make a layer behind the lines then use the brush or blob brush to block in areas of solid colour. You can then use Warp / Smooth to get them under control rather than messing with individual points. Closing paths is a pain, so avoid it if you can.


I know this is an old thread, but in case anyone winds up here looking for answers, I had this same problem with a project where I used the pen tool and then used live paint to fill in the shapes individually. If you go to Window>Appearance then select your lines, then click Add New Stroke (the box on the far left of the Appearance tab that pops up), you ...

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