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Your probably better off using illustrator to get a vector image out of a non vector. Illustrator has a nice auto trace feature. While not 100% perfect it can get the job done in some images with the right set of information in the image. Just open the image in Illustrator and click the auto trace button in the toolbar. If that doesn't work with the ...


hold cmd + option and click and drag to select multiple anchor points. Hold option + shift and drag to deselect.


This will be a very short answer. Look for "Cartoon Photoshop" There are a lot of tutorials and processes. The basics probably are some kind of posterize (color reduction), edge detection, saturation.


There are two solutions to this. The first: Go to Edit > Preferences > General Check the box "Scale strokes and effects" That solves it! The first is somewhat temporal or should I say local to your machine because if you send the ai file to someone else and they don't have this stuff checked, they run into the same issue. The Second fix. Click on ...

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