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If I'm understanding your question right, this should actually be quite simple. Select all of the paths that you're interested in merging, then use the Object > Path > Outline Stroke control. Keep in mind that this isn't reversible; if you end up wanting to edit your paths later, you're out of luck. As Scott said, you can use the Unite tool on the ...


This is mine just check it Very easy way to make a curved line in Ai...


here's another way to draw circles or squares at each anchor point (no direction handles though) select your path Ctrl+C to copy Ctrl+F to paste the copy in front Select->Object->Direction Handles Ctrl+X to delete the segments and keep the Anchors only Effect->Convert to Shape->Ellipse...2 pts extra width/height you can do circles or squares


As per request, a script to do this on selected paths. This is an alternative for @CConroy answer that may make things easier to do in the long run. It draws symbols on points and tangents and connects the tangents with lines, You can use symbols palette to change how they look after the fact. Might be useful for somebody. Put following in a .jsx file and ...


Start by drawing a line and circle and style each how you would like the polygon sides and vertices to look. Drag the line to the Brushes panel and choose Pattern Brush. In the Pattern Brush Options dialog, set the first tile (Outer Corner) to None and hit OK. Then, Option-drag your circle onto the Brushes Panel into that first tile slot. You'll return to ...


It is worth noting that the pixel grid and document grid are separate items, with separate snap settings. Check in the menu View > Snap to Grid to turn on/off the document grid. If it is just new objects that are snapping, also check in the Transform panel options for Align New Objects to the Pixel Grid.


Use the Subscribe Plugin, which is a free illustrator plugin made exactly for this purpose (Among others). In the link I adde you'll find tutorials for everything the plugin does, but specifically for your needs you'll use this tool:

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