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Right click on the object and remove compund path.You will get the exact shape like the hole.Make it white or just subtract.Both will do.


you should subtract the holes so it will appears transparent. you can do that by selecting the three objects and go to the menu Windows >Pathfinder > and select the Exclude icon. That's it. please notice that the very top object will cut the lower.


It's very simple. The trick is start from the right point: press down -> drag handle -> release mouse btn and then just one click on the left point. Here is what i get Because when using drag to create a point, when this point is a joint, it will be a smooth point by default (2 side control handles). Only when it's a starting point, it will has only ...


You should use "conversion" trick of the pen tool - When you make a point and leave the mouse - just click again on that point and it will be converted to what you want : and after conversion -

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