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One solution is to useEffect > Distort & Transform > Free Distort.... There, you can drag the corners of your object to warp it into the right shape. You could also use an Envelope Distort: copy the shape you want the icon to fit in; resize the icon so it fits into the shape; position the shape over the resized icon; select both objects; Object > ...


May be a bug. Works for me. You need to click the perspective distort to achieve this.


use manga studio. its has a 3d model where you can pose it as you wish and then draw on it.


Here is a software-independent great step-by-step guide. It's done by Wooden Palette, and their site has all the details to make it happen (this is more of a summary to explain the basic principles behind anamorphic art. STEP 1: Create a simple grid (or use an existing one). STEP 2: Create a perspective plane. You can use a copy of your existing ...

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