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Have you thought about SketchUp? I have found it easy to learn and use, and it is backed by a pretty big 3D model repository. You can export 2D graphics from it too. Sketchup: (you can download the free Sketchup Make and try it out) Sketchup repository:


I just go effect - distort and transform - free distort, for quick fix.


Yes its possible. But remember that the perspective projection of a sphere is actually an ellipse (see this explanation. Image 1: A isometric spheres (left) projection is a circle. In a perspective that projection is actually an ellipsoid. First find the approximate center draw a approximate sphere (tip holding space lets you move center) then rotate the ...


Try using Illustrator's 3D Rotate feature. Draw your ellipse Select your ellipse Click Effect > 3D > Rotate Adjust the various axis and click OK The result will be your original shape with the live effect applied to it, which you can go back into and adjust. When you're happy, click Object > Expand Appearance to convert your 3D shape to a path.


Most of the images are composed of straight lines on flat shapes, in those circumstances you only have to find the corner points which can be achieved by projection. A overhead projector works quite well for these purposes. The alternative is to use a 3D application to produce a stencil or transfer. You can do this kinds of things with a laser or vinyl ...

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