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There's a few things going on in your example. A bit of noise, high contrast, few highlights, and the skin seems to have a bit of red to it. I'll see how close I can get for you just using a jpg. Using a RAW file would of course be ideal. Using this photo by Alexander Shustov courtesy Unsplash To start I'm going to pull down the midtones but in this image I ...


Rough fix: copy image, lighten copy, give the copy layer a mask, paint to blend nicely using a huge and soft brush.


There are many solutions to this but the best is a Curves Adjustment Layer with a mask. Lower the White Output like so: Then invert the mask (it was already inverted in the above screenshot) by clicking on the White square in your Layer Panel and hitting Ctrl/Cmd+i Now with a small brush and low flow and/or opacity paint in the highlights. You can ...


set the hardness to 100% idk if it is but that is what i think its about

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