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Applying a gradient map as a clipping mask should achieve something like the effect you're after. This quick gradient map: Produced this:


Note, you are comparing a right-lit photo with a left-lit photo, so it's going to inherently appear different. Sample a mid-tone from the image and then add a Color Overlay Layer Style. Set the overlay blend mode to Darken and reduce opacity until you are happy. This will simply darken highlights creating a more matte finish. From that point you can do ...


The viewing distance of an image is somehow proportional to the size of the print. For example you normaly do not see a magazine from across the street, and you do not see a billboard verey close. That means that you can use the same photo on a magazine and on a billboard. If you have a 10Mpx photo, gess what? You use your 10Mpx photo. (This images ...

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