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You can use a site like this http://phrase.it/ to create speech bubbles. Or and if you require a software, use PhotoScape or GIMP to create speech bubbles.


I have had some luck "hacking Ikea" for similar projects. For greenscreen-effects, they even have bright green tables :D. This is but one alternative, and you find instructions here, at IkeaHackers With the use of two hampers, this is the result: But here is the real crux: succeeding with this, lighting is alpha and omega. You will need at least three ...


Usually, what's done in that case is simply to shoot the object against a white backdrop with lighting positioned to control the shadow. Some homebrew examples can be seen at http://www.instructables.com/howto/photo+backdrop/


The answer is NO. Photoshop is raster based so we deal with pixels or more accurately said, we deal with color channels. Layers are really masks that affect color channels. However you can make your dream come true by designing whatever you design in a clever way. For example text can be turned into shapes and then use them as masks of a solid color layer ...


Chroma Keying is the use of a backdrop that makes it easier, particularly in video production, to use the "keyed color" as a mask. If you look up "Setting Up a Chroma Key studio" on your favorite search engine you should find a good number of resources, guides, and tips on creating a nice studio space for yourself. The process for still photography is ...


How about a light box? They are cubes made of some sort of semi-translucent fabric that diffuses the light. You can probably find something like that in your local photography equipment store. Here is one: http://www.ezcube.com/ I made my own, though, out of cardboard and velum paper. And I used plain 100W lights instead of professional ones. Here is a ...


http://www.photoshopessentials.com/photo-editing/reduce-noise/ This is a helpful link that I found this morning.


Ok, Ideally, you should have had those bigger and or in vector. But as it is, here it goes.. This is in photoshop: Select the checkmark. You can do this by using the "select in quick mask mode": When you have switched modes, select the brush: Use the brush to "paint" over the checkmark. When you are happy with your painting, that you have covered the ...


You won't create mockups like these with InDesign. For this kind of work I would recommend using one of the many available Photoshop templates, because the time and expense of creating something from scratch is beyond the budget of most small projects like this. You can find a large number of mockup templates, both commercial (but inexpensive) or free, by ...


For free you're going to want to look into Gimp. You don't entirely create the book model. You find a royalty free version you can either license or is available under an applicable open license. Then bring that into Gimp and edit the front cover and spine. That will be a lot easier for you than trying to draw a book and pages from scratch.


Here is a list of free graphic software. Brochures and eBooks are typically InDesign territory, so look for an equivalent of that. Scribus seems to be a popular one, although I've never used it myself. Related discussion here


Adobe InDesign has some very limited illustration capabilities via the Pen Tool and the Shape Tool and Direct Selection Tool. Unfortunately it is not suited to creating anything more than basic geometric shapes and very simple wordmark based logos. Ideally you would use Adobe Illustrator to create logos and vector based images and you would bring them into ...

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