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Here are the steps I took: Duplicate the base layer and select the copy. Apply an edge detect filter (Filters -> Edge-Detect -> Edge...) using these settings: My goal here is to get clear contrast between my object and my background. I found Sobel worked the best and simply fiddled until I got this result. Threshold the colors (Colors -> Threshold...) ...


I used this technique with your sample : Duplicating the layer and in this same layer : Desaturating colours according to "Luminosity". Bightness-Contrast tool : Brightness -74 & Contrast 127. Coping the layer and applying it as a Layer Mask to this current layer. Applying the "Hard Light" to the layer mode and adjusting opacity if needed.


GRAIN is used by photo manipulation softwares such as Photoshop Lightroom to mimic film grain. And it's a very good way to bring back a sense of texture and sharpness to an image suffering from NOISE. Especially if the de-noising tools are used. When well used, grain can greatly repair a noisy picture and make it a very nice one. Used on a too-much-scaled ...

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