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Usually you can use the "clone stamp tool" in Photoshop to do some touch-up; it copies some parts on the image and duplicates it where you want to. But for this you need to actually have something to copy. In your image, it's not about removing dust; that's pretty much all there is in the holes. It's about digitally creating new holes and filling them with ...


Try using a dictionary and thesaurus to give a start to ideas. You can also go the other way from Vicki's suggestion above and be very 'Staged' - Set up some shoots (think about the type of graphics you see on graphics/photo libraries and be obvious - i.e. A guy in a T-shirt that says 'Peter') Sounds like a fun brief!


You could try a different approach to fill in the rest of your list. Instead of trying to think of specific things to photograph, you could walk around town and take pictures of everything interesting you could find, focusing on things that are normally ignorable; the way the top of a building looks against the sky when you look strait up at it, trash on ...

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