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I assume you have Adobe Illustrator and can work with vectors. Go to website and find similar banner graphic. You will find plenty of graphics that look like that (maybe different color). In Illustrator you can open the file edit text and save it as whatever you need. Hope that helps. You could also you Photoshop to either paint over the ...


The easiest way to tackle this is using the lasso tool to trace the text and do a 'content aware' fill (edit - fill - content aware). Then brush over ugly edges with the same color and you're mostly good to go.


When I googled for "Two color picture photoshop tutorial" I got several results. This is what you want? This technique is named duotone. Choose a picture in Photoshop and add a layer. Choose "Image" => "Adjustmens" => "Levels" in the menu. Play with the color levels till you like the result. You can export the ...


What I did: Create each wave with white to transparent gradient in different layers (maybe solid fill works better) Each layer is set as "Soft Light" Layer order does matter, play around which ones should go on top of which till you get the effect desired. Set varying opacity for the lighter ones I did it in all of 10 minutes I think. Hope it gives you ...


Where to start is Layer effects. Specifically add an Outer Glow and change the color to red. Possibly add a red Color Overlay and change the blending mode. Just experiment.

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