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To edit a gradient and its "smoothness" as it transitions from one color to another, you'll have to edit it. If you have created the gradient as a layer effect or as a shape fill, find the "Scale" slider. Jiggle this around and you can find desired smoothness of your gradient.


First copy old layer and paste to new document second copy old layer style and paste to new document !


It would help if you had a screenshot of your attempt, but I think I can guess where you are having an issue. Try making the color of the glow a similar color to the object that's glowing. In your example, notice that the outer edges of the glow are a pink color, not white. If I were making the effect, I would have two layers (as you did) and set the top ...


In order to save time and allow for transitions between states, creating button effects in the styling language for whatever UI you're creating, not creating images for each one, is important. This will allow for the effect to be reused when you have different text, sizing, etc. Take for example designing for the web or something that understands HTML/CSS: ...


If, what you are trying to accomplish doesn't have to be flat, i would recommend you just to add an inner shadow like this If it has to be flat-design though, i recommend change of color (darker) or inversion:


The easiest and simplest way would be to darken the button when its pressed. Applying a 30% black layer on top will do the trick.


This really depends on how complicated you want your button to be. A simple button can be made with just a single shape with multiple properties to represent normal and pressed states. In Illustrator, you can check the shape properties in the Appearance panel, they are just like layers and can be shown and hidden to switch the button's states. In the figure ...


a dot of white, blur > motion blur horizontal. duplicate this layer and transform it wider and shorter and layer until it has a nice natural look, merge all together. duplicate, rotate 90 degrees, merge. duplicate layer, rotate 45 degrees, transform 60%, center. white blurry dots in the center at increasing size (decrease opacity for each). merge (or dont), ...


what Rijin mentioned is actually correct. Normally for designers first we design the draft, & then we would actually find some nice mockup template to show the client so that they can visualize how are the actual print outs going to look like as a preview. This is quite common in our company here so that we can save time & avoid misunderstanding on ...


You can easily get that by using a mock up. Just download it and place your picture in the layer which they mentioned. http://www.24psd.com/blank-tri-fold-brochure-template-mock-up/

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