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Do you want to have a brush, which looks like the product ? Can you share the image that you want to be replicated by the brush ? How to create a new brush in photoshop ? A simple way to do it is just open the image, go to Edit>Define Brush Preset You may like to edit the image before doing it, like cropping or removing unwanted area


As previously noted using vector shapes is a work around for this, however if you're bound to raster graphics, apply the gradient as a mask layer to the object, it will retain the previously smooth edge.


[Updated based on updated question] In a quick test on Ps CC and Ps CC 2014 (x64, Windows 7 and 8.1), Generate is working as expected including the changes introduced by turning "Layer Mask Hides Effects" on and off. The PNGs correctly reproduce the three layer appearances. From a production viewpoint, though, I think by trying to make things simpler ...


Easiest way to do this is by using overlay layer with texture. Heres some textures you could use http://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/freebies/free-pack-of-12-distressed-halftone-pattern-textures Just put it on the top of your current picture layer and find suitable blending mode and opacity and you'l be all good


"You're thinking about this," as they say, "the wrong way." This isn't created by applying a texture to the photograph of the people, but by overlaying the photograph on an already-existing texture (the cappuccino). The entry-level method is to place the photo on a layer above the coffee, change its Blend Mode to Luminosity and lower the opacity a bit, ...

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