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Try to use blending modes in photoshop ie overlay effects like screen, overlay & multiple. Further you can use sponge, smudge tools to blend the images properly.


Why use an inferior product when you already have MS Paint installed? In Paint, use the Select tool and select the area you wish to "drag" around. Hold Shift and hold down the left mouse button as you drag the selection around, producing the desired effect.


After some fiddling around here's way that might be quicker than copying/pasting/moving. Create your popup. On a separate layer or file, create a black square that is the same size as the popup. Select it and define a new brush (Edit > Define Brush Preset). You can then discard the black square. Make your canvas fit the final size of the artwork you wish ...


In metallurgy it's called Antiquing. To create a similar appearance in Photoshop, simply darken the areas you wish to appear farther recessed. Without seeing images you are actually working with, it's difficult to give any further guidance.


Play around with the Bevel & Emboss effect in Photoshop Quick/silly example:


I'd recommend going to the Rounced rectangle options and setting: Fill to none Stroke and Stroke width to what ever color / width you want. You'll need to have one of the shape tools selected to see these options. Alternatively... These can also be found in the Window > Properties Shape Stroke was introduced in Photoshop CS6.


Don't change the layer's blending mode. After you apply the stroke go to your Layer Panel and where it says Fill: 100% lower that to 0. It's directly below Opacity


The Oil Paint filter mentioned in Scott's answer was removed from Photoshop in version CC-2014. For those using Windows, Adobe has recommended using the GREYCstoration plugin: Oil Paint is a very cool filter, but relied on a very large and complex code library used for an outdated technology (Pixel Bender) that is no longer supported. ...

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