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I ran into this exact same issue a while ago, also while drawing a bunch of small icons. Turns out you can do some pretty neat stuff with the "Blend if… This Layer" slider in the Layer Style panel: Dragging the right slider all the way to the left basically tells Photoshop, "keep everything I draw black opaque, and make everything white transparent". ...


Being Photoshop, there’s probably quite a few approaches to this problem, but only one I can think of that maintains full vector edited and scaling. There’s a few things going on here. Square is just a shape layer for the square. Nothing tricky there. The Blurry Circle group has a circle as a vector mask. The vector mask is set to subtract and also has ...


First, I will answer the question about the envelope, as I think this is what you really want to know. Your logic is a little bit off here. If you want to retain transparency, ie. not use white lines for the envelope, you should instead create a rectangle, then on the same layer change the shape tool to 'line', then change the Path Operations to Subtract, ...


Do you want to have a brush, which looks like the product ? Can you share the image that you want to be replicated by the brush ? How to create a new brush in photoshop ? A simple way to do it is just open the image, go to Edit>Define Brush Preset You may like to edit the image before doing it, like cropping or removing unwanted area


As previously noted using vector shapes is a work around for this, however if you're bound to raster graphics, apply the gradient as a mask layer to the object, it will retain the previously smooth edge.


[Updated based on updated question] In a quick test on Ps CC and Ps CC 2014 (x64, Windows 7 and 8.1), Generate is working as expected including the changes introduced by turning "Layer Mask Hides Effects" on and off. The PNGs correctly reproduce the three layer appearances. From a production viewpoint, though, I think by trying to make things simpler ...


Easiest way to do this is by using overlay layer with texture. Heres some textures you could use http://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/freebies/free-pack-of-12-distressed-halftone-pattern-textures Just put it on the top of your current picture layer and find suitable blending mode and opacity and you'l be all good

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