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Here's one way to simulate a bad scan of an old document. I'm using the GIMP here, but you should be able to do all these steps in Photoshop too. Step 1: Start with a suitable-looking picture. If you're trying to emulate an old hand-written document, remember not to be too precise. Hand-position lines, vary the font size (and/or use several fonts), ...


that look like they are a result of a very bad scan There's your answer. Design your mark, then take it down to Kinkos. Find the crappiest photocopier, and make a copy. Then make a copy of the copy. Then maybe crumple/uncrumple the copy and make a copy of that. Continue until it looks the way you like it. Then scan that back in.


I'd use Illustrator for this. Creating the paths, setting the type, etc is all just easier in Illustrator than it is in Photoshop. Just create your base shapes, combine them. Use Object > Expand to turn the strokes into shapes, then use Effect > Distort & Transform > Roughen to add some life to the straight shapes. And finally, if you want, add ...


Take a screen shot - don't photograph (this will avoid screen patterns). Manipulate screenshot in image editing program of your choice (which should support layers, masking, and provide tools for creating blur effects). Create tilted/perspective look by turning your screenshot into its own layer then adjusting the bounding box of that layer to create the ...

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