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The code you pasted didn't work for me either so I wrote this. var docRef=activeDocument; var thePath=docRef.pathItems[0]; thePath.select(); thePath.makeSelection(); It worked for me hope it works for you too.


Select the layer you want to save as jpeg/png, then in the layers panel Photoshop will auto highlight whatever layer is selected. Then go to the eye icon beside the selected layer in Layers panel; hold down your alt key and click on the eye. This will make only the layer you want to save as jpeg/png visible while hiding other layers. Now trim the extra ...


You should try this script that user Johannes graciously shared: http://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/a/1962/24301 It's basically an improved version of the built-in PS "Export Layers to Files" script that allows (among other things) for saving the layers by their layer name. This will export all layers in your file as they are positioned keeping their ...

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