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You should use "Smart Object". Like that: I use Smart Objects frequently when working on mockups that use repeatable content. Say, for example, I'm working on a homepage design that shows excerpts from my 3 most recent blog posts. They're going to be about the same length and size, so I decide to just repeat the same excerpt three times to see how that will ...


Use the timeline to create the animation. https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/creating-timeline-animations.html For the sake of simplicity let's say you want to have an animation with 10 frames, moving your layer 10 pixels to the right between images (so your layer will travel 100 pixels in total). Open the timeline (Window > Timeline) and click ...


You can use this awesome Plugin :) http://www.codeadventure.com/ And if you want to use this in one document just use the new canvas feature in CC 2015.

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