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Here is a Photoshop Extension for using Font-Awesome as shapes in your designs http://creativedo.co/FontAwesomePS


This is pretty easy with CS1-3 or CS6+: Install and run Trevor Morris' Layers to Comps script. Run the built-in "Layer Comps to PDF..." script. That's it. If you're running CS4 or 5, the "Layer Comps to PDF..." script is not available. In that case, Eric's answer is probably the best you can do.


It is possible to do. Just not necessarily worth it for 10 things which you can manually split off in a minute or so. The question is generically valid tough. You might after all have 10,000 questions, images etc, that need to be split up. The biggest question for the computer is how does it know what the things are. What is the recurring trend that says ...

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