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It's unclear if your issue is the text being blurry or the images. But let's assume your images have the right resolution and were not resized bigger, or didn't lose any quality in that way. If the texts are blurry, you can cheat and convert your PSD layer file to PDF, and still keep the sharpness of a vector. From the screenshot that is still visible, it ...


By using the INFO panel You can find the some details such as pixel coordinates, color parameters in the pixel where the cursor. To get the INFO panel, go to Windows>Info or press F8 key. If you want to change the unit, do as below image. To find the size(Width & Height) of particular region, use Marque tool and select the region. It will show the ...


I wouldn't be concerned about this. You seem to be zoomed in quite far too. Also I'm pretty sure this is an artifact of raster anti-aliasing. If the "black line" or blend wasn't there, you would have a very jagged edge between colors.


Problem Solved: Select an artboard and press "shift+O". Check artbard properties in the top right hand side. X postion(X), Y position(Y), Height(H) and width(W) all should be integers. NO DECIMAL VALUES. Now, there won't be even a pixel change while exporting.

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