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Have you considered using Generator and writing something to export assets programatically? https://github.com/adobe-photoshop/generator-assets/wiki/Generate-Web-Assets-Functional-Spec If you need a user interface, you can try out the Extract Assets dialog in the new version of Photoshop.


If the icons are in layers you could use File > Extract Assets or select the layers you want and right click on the layer and choose 'Extract Assets…' from the context menu in the new version of Photoshop and do the export you need.


I found a solution to my problem that is the following, Select what you want NOT faded. Use any selection tool you want. Next go to Select > Invert Now go to Select > Feather - feather by 3 Select Edit > Clear


Even though SVG isn't globally accepted and some people have a frustrating time scaling PNGs, I have always found that creating an icon within Adobe Illustrator works best at scaling up or down a "reasonable" amount.

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