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I found a solution! The SuperPNG plugin will preserve the RGB values for transparent pixels as long as you leave the "Clean Transparent" option unchecked.


If your editor does not natively support saving as indexed PNG, you will have to perform a destructive (lossy) operation, called "quantizing". Gimp isn't exactly lightweight and I have never gotten ImageMagick to do that properly, so I used a tool, called pngquant. It can reduce the image to palette with desirable number of colors, up to 2-bit, with or ...


An sprite image is an collection of several icons together based on a grid. where in the css you create some kind of container to move the image within so you only display the one you want. check this: http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_image_sprites.asp


The Corel viewer is only showing pixels that are 100% transparent as transparent. Anything that is partially transparent (less than 100% opacity, but not completely transparent) will show up in the viewer -- but only in that viewer (or another viewer that does not do/understand alpha transparency). If you remove those partially transparent pixels, you will ...


Why don't you just do a simple file rename of all your files in folder using command prompt after you've saved your PNGs? ren "Prefix_*.png" "///////*.png Mind that you have to type as many "/" as there are characters in your prefix (including underscore). Note: This command can be executed on Windows OS in command prompt. Subnote: I know this ...


The page size (16.81 x 20.14 in.) is exactly the number of pixels at 72 ppi. There's nothing abnormal there. The question is: What page size do you expect? Your PNG are low resolution and Adobe Acrobat simply take what you have and doesn't modify them. If you expect a different page size or would prefer a higher resolution and smaller size, you'll ...


If you have python and PIL/Pillow, I just wrote this (a trivially simple version of the tool in @JohnB's answer): #!/usr/bin/env python2.7 import sys infile = sys.argv[1] outfile = sys.argv[2] from PIL import Image image = Image.open(infile).convert('RGBA') data = image.load() out = open(outfile, "w") out.write('<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ...


Program that installed in your frends don't support transparent, use another program for view or check setting for transparent in your viewer

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