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If these are what you claim they are then you have several problems. Your printers resolution plays a important part. The underlying offset on printer plays a part. It would be better to let the RIP engine do the halftone. There are several reasons for this but mainly because with vectors your decoupled with the printers grid. Even if you get the ...


This artwork you show is now already line copy. After it is separated it is plate-ready. As it is already screened, there should be no moiré problems out of the ordinary rosettes formed by screens overlap. There is nothing more for you to do. Send the a/w to the printer. Coincidently, Your illustration shows the correct screen angles for CMYK printing. This ...


Please note that the Adobe PDF Printer functionality to create PDF files is only available with Adobe Acrobat (paid version), and not with Adobe Reader (free version).


Why don't you use AdobePDF printer driver? It seems to me that Microsoft's PDF driver simply can't separate.


why we should not do this. I would not say if you should or not. But you probably need to open your options. A brand guide preferably should be in an "absolute color" mode. A PMS is a good decision if the color matches de desired one. (I strugled a lot of years for a good red on the PMS system, sometimes I gave up for the red 032). But there are some ...

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