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Hsawires gave an excelent explanation about colors. I'm adding my 2 cents. You can play with the size and proportion of the barcode. There are some limits on the offical guidelines of barcodes. But In my opinion are very square. You can reduce the size of the barcode lets say 75% and reduce the height of the bars in 50%-70%. and can be read by a linear ...


This is a very nice question ... and guess what!? there is an invisible ink !! and it could be done in various ways. The First method is selecting some color combinations. If you couldn't change the design at least you could select some other color combinations to dissolve the barcode between your design. The following example are scannable. The best ...


You can print an invisible 2D barcode and that can only be seen by a uv barcode reader to enable the match process.


If you cannot get to under 100mb even after using all the possible "print" compression features from InDesign (which is the software I assumed you're using, if not please specify), I would look for another print shop. Obviously their requirements would force you to produce a low-quality product, it might be ok for them to force their customers to do so, ...

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