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Segoe UI (as @Supuhstar already suggested) - An overall great sans but the best italic variant of any sans, commercial or system included, hands down. Bold works comfortably in display sizes since Segoe UI Black is not system.


Colours are really perceptions, and are affected by other surrounding colours. In a colour you can also play with different characteristics, such as hue, saturation, etc, and in your case also with font weight, font size, etc. My opinion: I assume you will work over white or very light background. The best is to use a neutral grey for symbols (+, /, etc) ...


Just by looking at your formula I cannot tell what is important and what is not; perhaps before dealing with different colors your should differentiate levels of importance with different sizes. (forgive me the potato-quality image) Regardless of the colors used, it is easier to understand that the bigger elements are more important than the smaller ones....

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