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It is fairly simple. Here are some key points: STEP 1 - I first drew a random 1px line with the pentool. STEP 2 - I used mask and brush tool + soft round brush to fade parts of it slightly. STEP 3 - Then I drew bunch of dots in every corner. They vary in size. STEP 4 - Then I made a brush out of it. STEP 5 - Adjusted the brush settings ...


You can try adding a thin stroke to a text in bold typeface (or a thick one to a thin typeface) could do the trick...Note that you should choose the color of the stroke wisely to suit the overall design. using stroke-only for bold or even regular typefaces (with the inside of the typeface transparent to reveal the background image) cutting the text ...


you could try adding a shape behind the text but in front of the image and adjust the opacity level on the shape until you are happy with the image visibility and the text legibility. hope this helps

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