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Ok, just found an answer to my own question, from my printer: "Generally speaking about 25 sheets (50pp) is recommended but we have done as little as 15 sheets (30pp) and because it is PUR it stays together. Anything less should be saddle stitched." This is referring to around 100-120gsm stock.


You simply can not prepare an exact two dimensional file for a Sphere. This has being the problem for making acurate maps of the earth and visual apealing at the same time. Here is a recopilation of diferent maps trying "to solve" the problem: What you can do is a projection. What type of ...


The optimum way to do what you're seeking is to create the book in InDesign, as you mentioned, but... 1) The text should all be done in InDesign, not Illustrator or Photoshop. Your file size will be much smaller, you'll have a much easier time editing the text, and your printed product will be better. Illustrator and PS are hugely powerful, but page layout ...


If you need to manually and visually calibrate your transfer curve you can use a trick gamma calibration trick. For visual calibration: Print several different tones next to a 50% line pattern then view the patterns at distance and choose the one that best visually matches your swatch. You can repeat this for 25% and 75% then you can make a curve transfer ...

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