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There's no reason you can't use a standard process black in place of Pantone black. You're the designer, it's your call. You'll just want to be sure the overall tone of the printer's ink is what you're after. Pantone has their own special formula to achieve a certain subtle tonality.


If I'm interpreting your question correctly, you are printing design drafts on the office printer in order to test them out, you have no color management in place in your workflow, and you don't possess a Pantone swatch book so you're thinking of picking Pantone colors in your application that seem to match a given printed color. It's evident that your ...


When working with CMYK form the beginning in Photoshop does not always allow you to work with some specific techniques and blend modes the same way. If you are doing something more simplistic that does not have a lot of lighting effects for example this will be fine. Also RGB has a larger color range than CMYK and when you convert your colors will become ...


I usually start by working in CMYK mode if I intend to use the file for print. As you have noticed screens can't replicate CMYK colours exactly but InDesign/Photoshop etc tries to emulate them. There is certainly going to be variations between what you see and what gets printed. I suggest you spend a bit of resources getting a Pantone swatch book so you ...


One outfit I used to work for did security borders for credit cards. These were typeset at least 10x the size of the original and reduced photographically (this was about 20 years ago). One option would be to find an outfit that still does film composition and use them. Some late model imagesetters will also go up to 5000+dpi resolutions, which might be ...


design wise, all your text is too big. looks like you're using 10pt. the best business cards i've seen never have larger than 8pt type for the details. the front text, it's slightly too large as well. you want some breathing room around the words. white outlined text on black is not easy to pull off. i say try one without the outlines to see how it looks.

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