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It is my understanding that "live" updating of the the original placed file is not supported in Photoshop. You can double click and edit a file as if it were a separate file, but it is not a live link to the original file. I have placed logos in this manner in photoshop and updated the original logo file, but it does not update the placed version. Note my ...


Did you set a max pixel value on height? Did you record it as an action on a horizontal and then batch the whole group? What I'm getting at is: Sounds like you are using the Image Processor script, and your vertical shots are getting reprocessed down to the height of the horizontals.


It sounds like what you are expecting is a Publish<>Subscribe system. That is not supported in Photoshop. When you open or place an image into Photoshop you embed the entire image and its data and there is no longer any reference to the original file. If you alter the original, you'll need to place it into Photoshop after the changes. There is no way ...

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