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I can't tell you how to fix it, because I don't think you can, but here's some info that might lead to a solution: The left is an attempt at reflecting 2-point perspective. The challenge is that the reflected object has to adhere to the same perspective points as the regular object. So after flipping, you'll have to manually adjust each 'half' of the ...


In Photoshop, copy the image, flip it, and apply a gradient opacity mask. You can do the same in Illustrator (you have to kind of hunt for the opacity mask under the "Transparency" tab.


This tutorial should give you more than what you are looking for:


You won't be able to make a believable reflection of this image because of the perspective (having only the image as source). But maybe you don't really have to make a full reflection. Perhaps you can get away with a hint of reflection to create an illusion of such. For example. Just for demonstration, here I copied the base of the foot and morphed the ...


When you do photography you often reflect a Softbox (a square diffuser that makes the light more even) or an umbrella (also diffusing the light but gives a round reflection). When taking pictures of shiny objects these are often placed so they reflect in the object, together with white and black sheets of papers around setup to give a good 3D feel ...


If you're using GIMP, I've created some pictures (== 1000 words * 5) that should show the process: EDIT: Just be sure to start with a transparent background. I made the mistake of starting with a white background, but I fixed it using Colours->Colour To Alpha. Alternatively, if you're insane, you can use Channels or something similar. Copy your image ...


Instead of using a gradient as a layer, use a layer mask with a distorted border. Create a layer mask Blur the edges Distort the mask Adjust layer opacity and blending. By using the 'Blend If...' Feature, you can knock out the edges of the card easily. Clean up your mask edges, and adjust your lighting layer's colors


If you're referring to the reflection, the best way is probably to: Create a smart object from your logo/image Duplicate the smart object Flip the duplicate vertically and move it down to line up the edges Create a layer mask for the duplicate (show all) Select the layer mask, then use the gradient tool (with a black-to-white gradient) to create the fade-...


Ideally you would make this effect when taking a photograph of the product. For something this complex I would draw a path around each bracelet bracket. My way of doing this would be very time consuming. You might be able to just draw a path around the last bracelet and just move that down and then draw gradients to cover the flower design things (Instead ...


Almost entirely the reflection from glass, or, shiny clear plastic. Imagine a smooth, curved physical glass/plastic button. Sometimes, people go to town and simulate caustics and refraction as well, but usually reflection, and a gradient and optional counter reflection (like at the bottom of the first image) suggesting light from the underside therefore ...


Your updated attempt is very close. Maybe my standards are getting low but, I think this will be convincing enough with a couple of minor adjustments. Mask out the portions of the reflected object that overlap. In the front, you wouldn't see the base through the sculpture's foot and on the side you wouldn't see the sculpture through the base. In the ...


I always use this guide. It's quite fast and easy; you just have to put your text or file which you want to reflect, download this style and use it whenever, wherever you want.


Open the 3D box file in photoshop in a separated layer and push it up a little to give space to the reflections. Make a new layer below the original one and go to Filter > Vanishing Point here we are trying to flip the flat image of the box without losing the reality of the reflection by respecting the perspective. In the vanishing point dialog box select ...


i know this is an old topic but i would like to suggest using Cinema 4D, i have worked a lot using this software initially to have great light effects and realistic . Hope this will help you

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