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If the photo is important, I combine two images: 1, an image downsampled using the bilinear method, and 2 (on top), the same image reduced using bicubic sharper. That gives me a better photo, with only the edge pixels from the lesser reduction method. (First downsample with the bilinear method, copy the result, then go to history and return to the full-sized ...


Open an Illustrator document and look 3 spaces over from the top left corner, it should say PPI. You can change these options prior to creating a document or clicking Document Setup > Transparency settings for vector/raster transparency. Your best option is to copy and paste it into a new document. Open > New > ADVANCED (drop down) > Raster Effects > Drop ...


You could drag all your photos into a canvas that's sized to your selected dimensions and then just save them back out. This is usually how I crop a bundle of photos in Photoshop at once. Make a new 1280px x 480px document. Drag or paste each image onto a new layer. Move each image around until they are in the desired crop position File > Export > ...


Here is my approach. For instance we have several shapes: Select all the shapes and group them ⌘ + G. Select the group and lock its size by pressing lock icon in inspector view. After you can resize the group and all child shapes will preserve their ratio and position:

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