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You need the duplicate the layer before do the canvas crop. Because background doesn't preserve the image.


In order to change the artboard as well as all the layers on it, while keeping the relative distance of each object, first select the artboard and then Edit | Scale (or ⌘+K) to resize it whatever you want. You can change the size either by specifying the pixel size or scale percentage and Sketch automatically computes the other variable. The source: ...


If you know the final output size—work at that size. If there's a possibility you will be using the image at different sizes then yes, work at a larger size, it will give you more flexibility, as Alex Fregon says. But if the image is going to be used at one specific size, work at that size. If you work at a larger scale then shrink the image after ...


It probably depends on the type of image - can you provide an example? As a general rule, you're best off working at the highest resolution possible, as this gives you the most versatility when it comes to exporting. Say, for some reason you need to export your image larger than 1200px wide, scaling it up may cause your background image to become pixelated. ...

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