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To achieve the best print quality the image should be in CMYK and 300 DPI, this will require an image 64800px wide and 14400px high. You can however print a file that is 150 DPI (I wouldnt go any lower than that) with a banner that size as long as it scales proportionately. You also want to consider adding an 1/8th inch bleed and be sure to leave room away ...


Well, you can't change the size of an anchor point in Illustrator at all other than the preference item to display them larger (but they all look about the same to me)... If you want to change the length of bezier handles on an anchor point, you can select anchors and then use the Scale Tool to change handle lengths. It's not the same as "adjusting the ...


I would contact the printer and ask them what size they would like the files delivered. A file that size still can result in issues if you are trying to deliver it at a 1:1 scale. I would ask the printer on their desired scale and at the rip to the digital printer they will modify it to a 1:1. Another thing to be aware of, you could run into computer ...


First and foremost, contact your printer. In my experience, lots of printers of large materials allow you to deliver a pdf in, say 1:10 or a similar scale, with some requirements to the dpi quality of your pdf. Second, I'd advise you to design regardless of size in Illustrator, and then place, process and distill everything to a printable pdf in InDesign.


I use: Command/Ctrl+Option/Alt+Shift+E (fit to frame proportionately) Command/Ctrl+Option/Alt+E (fill frame) Command/Ctrl+Shift+E (Center in frame) All these items can be found in the menu under Object > Fitting >


To avoid mousing over to the toolbar, or having to press the A key to switch to the Direct Selection Tool, you can just click the target in the center of your placed image (appears when you float your mouse over it). Then, as long as you have the content selected and not the frame (brown handles instead of blue), you can just drag the handles to scale the ...


Yes, with the image selected within the frame, press s (for the scale tool), click once to set the origin, then click-drag holding shift to resize the image. Or if your reference point (below) is set to the centre, you can skip straight to click-dragging. When preceded by command Fill Frame Proportionally this workflow is quite efficient. More on ...


You can do this with actions & the batch automation feature within Photoshop. To accomplish a colored or transparent background with new size dimensions, you'd create an action set (folder icon) and create an action within that set for each color you're looking to batch. Step 1: Create the action Record yourself resizing the canvas for future ...


I have received a perfect answer at another (non-English) site, let me publish it here for those who may have the same question in future. mogrify -extent 640x640 -gravity Center -fill white *.jpg (the mogrify command is a part of ImageMagick)

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