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Your dancer image seems to be a JPG imported in Illustrator. Since you seem to want to use a script in Illustrator but work on raster with this software (by the way, Photoshop is easier for this), here's what you can do: Why not simply crop it in Photoshop and place it again in Illustrator. This way you will still have that box but it will be the size of ...


Your icon is problematic. It features too fine details that don't scale well to the intended size. Increase the font-weight on 'studios'. The main problem seems to be, that you have a hi-res display and standard-res pixel assets. That's why pixels looks blurry and SVG looks better. A custom icons font would work, too. Or serve pixels assets in double ...


Once you get down to that size, there are really only two choices: (a) Get in there with your favourite pixel-pushing image editor, and individually tweak the pixels. This may (and probably will) mean distorting the image very slightly from the original, but having everything lined up on a pixel grid means that things will be crisp. Or; (b) Create the icon ...


It depends on if your EPS is a vector file or raster file. If it's a vector file, you need to do nothing...vector files can scale to any size and retain quality. If it's a raster file, you will lose quality enlarging it. Sometimes that's a big deal, sometimes it's not. It depends on a lot of factors.


yes chain is the replacement make sure it is clicked


If it's a logo or something very similar with minimal color, you can take the image and open it in Illustrator, and then use Live Trace.

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