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4 color printing typically asks for imagery at 300dpi. If the menu is 8" wide, then you need a horizontal resolution of 8x300 = 2400 pixels. Note that the above is for imagery (photos, full color illustration, etc.). Text should ideally be set at an absolute minimum of 600dpi, and more preferably 1200dpi+. This is usually done by not setting type in a ...


Select your image and open Link Panel or Info Panel To see the Effective PPI and Actual PPI (image original ppi). You can scale and see the change to the Effective PPI and get your result by try and error. But doing the math is way easier.


My experience is that inDesign will use the ppi flag in the file to set the initial print dimensions if you do not drag the box when placing the image. For 72ppi-flagged images, you will always need to reduce the print size by 24% to arrive at 300ppi (effective). Since 72/300 will always be .24, you don't need to do the math more than once. Place the ...


Your Smartobject-layer has a litle smartobject-icon at the layer preview. Doubleclick on that. You'll be redirected to the Photoshop Documsnt thats embedded in the Smart Object. Now you see the Smartobject as it gets saved by photoshop, so it should be easy to get the resolution from here.

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