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It sounds like you have to alter your PDF export settings to something more highres / less compression. Try starting with [Smallest Filesize] and turn off downsampling and compression.


Edit > Imagesize, uncheck Resample and put in 182cm for height and 300-400 dpi as resolution. Make sure you have the "chain-symbol" active so your ratio does not change. Then take the Crop-Tool (standard Shortcut: C) and change the mode in the Top-bar to Fixed-Size and type in 62cm as width and 182 cm as height. You can leave the Resolution blank. Then ...


Crop the image to just the part you need first, then, in the Edit > Image Size dialog, uncheck the Resample option and change the size to what you need.


150 ppi is plenty of resolution if you're printing on canvas. If you expect your piece to be viewed from a few inches away (less than 16), then 300 ppi is more than sufficient. Beyond that point you're just adding to the file size without adding visible image information in the final product. On high-grade art paper, you can go as high as 600 ppi. Beyond ...


Very large format artwork, such as for billboards, is always scaled for several reasons. One is that the major design tools -- Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, have maximum document dimensions that can be too small to work the largest sizes at full scale. The common output format, PDF, also has dimension restrictions that won't allow full scale ...


I turn my vector images and logos in to a font (or fonts). Take your .ai files (after you clean them up, compound path, and crop the viewbox) and export as .svg. Then use the icomoon app to convert to a font. This will display at any size, any resolution crisply. https://icomoon.io/app/#/select Learn more: ...


You need to export your graphics at double resolution, say if for a standard screen you need an image at 64x64 resolution, you need a 128x128 copy of it (or even not a copy) that will be later processed on retina/high-dpi screens. But different environments may process them in different way, e.g. in HTML/CSS you need additional media queries for every kind ...

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