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I'm not a pro when it comes to photoshop but i would suggest you try working on an canvas thats half (8 x 6) of the size & set the DPI @ 600. This way your ram isn't getting drained processing something so large. Once you're done doing what you want to do you can simply bring the size back up and it'll be at 300dpi. For future reference, I'd suggest ...


They will likely print at 200 or 100dpi, depending on the type of print format. I would call the printer and ask for their file specifications as the person stated above.


Talk to the printer (the person not the machine). They will likely tell you what scale and/or resolution to work at. You most likely do not need to work at 300ppi at full scale. It is more common for large format printing to work at a smaller scale or lower resolution (refer to point 1.) Read through the answer here: I need to print an image a certain size. ...


I've encounter this when I try to change the dimensions as you did. I realized that if I kept the "maintain aspect ratio" on while entering the pixel dimensions it would tend to round it off a pixel or two. Not sure why. BUT if I entered the number manually for both the (H) and (W) then it would keep what I entered. Give it a go and let me know if that works?...

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