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USE COREL DRAW X7. it is designed for all this purpose. great for what your doing; trust me i have used it for shop fronts. http://www.coreldraw.com/us/product/graphic-design-software/


You can't actually increase the resolution of an image once you have it, unless the photographer has a higher quality file that you can go back to. I would suggest getting RAW files if you reshoot because they are lossless/ not compressed by the camera.


If there is a luxury of possibility to re-shoot, I would ask your photographer to re-shoot at the highest possible megapixel that your photographer's camera allow. In this case I would suggest min of 18megapixel setting. and printing your image at atleast 150dpi. This should look still good from close distance. Other option is to use 3rd party plugins for ...


In these cases, you really need to speak with the company that will be printing the actual job. They will have prepress guidelines that address your questions exactly. However, they will likely suggest image resolution of about 100 to 150ppi (Pixels Per Inch) at final size. 300ppi is probably higher than required, and as you've discovered, makes absolutely ...


Only width and height in pixels matter. Resolution is an metadata instruction for converting pixels to physical units when printing.

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